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A "Cacascading Series of Catastrophic Errors"


"A Cascading Series of Catastrophic Errors"

Where have Canadians heard that expression before?  It is a quote from the summary of the official enquiry into the Air India Bombing.  Currently, at a less catastrophic level, it could also be applied to the recent India Junket taken by Prime Minister Trudeau.  With the lack of information as to how the "series of unfortunate events" could have occurred...particularly how convicted attempted murderer Jaspar Atwal could possibly have travelled to India at all...much less shown up at a gathering that included the Prime Minister and his wife.  Speculation of all sorts is bound to occur.

Personally, I've been turning the conundrum over and over in my mind and there's only one entity that I know of has the capability and the possible motivation to set the scenario up.  CSIS.  If there is a catastrophic threat/breach of national obviously has happened in India this past week...qui bono?

Not coincidentally, I'm still waiting to hear the decision in the Vancouver terror patsies case.  The BC Supreme Court of Appeal should hand it  If justice prevails and the Federal government loses the case...and the RCMP and their bosses, CSIS are held responsible [responsible...there's that verboten word again] for wasting taxpayer dollars and breaking Canadian laws while "manufacturing terror', as the BC Justice declared in her reasons for justment...then, CSIS might be caught "on the back foot" as the BBC likes to put it.

Was the Atwall affair yet another manufactured event to justify CSIS's existence?  We'll need a lot more information and hard evidence before we can form a definitive case one way or the other.  But, given the long history of fomenting self-serving crises and catastrophes--the question NEEDS to be asked at least.  Currently,the only journalist who's pursuing the matter is intrepid BC crime desk reporter Kim Bolan.

Paging Kim the white phone in the lobby please.

CBC suddenly Mum on Trudeau/India Junket - had their knuckles rapped by Deep State?

Trudeau Family meets Indian PM Narendra Modi

Catching up on the newz this morning, I was looking to see how the visit between Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi went. Nothing at all so far in the CBC.

Watching the CBC National TV news last night the "At Issue" panel of geopolitical dinosaur analysts (all three of them) tore a strip off Trudeau for all the flubs, Bollywood circus atmosphere and shocking invitation extended to a Sikh Terrorist for dinner at the Canadian Embassy. The kindest word the CBC analysts used to describe Trudeau's trip to India was "incompetent".

I was surprised at the unexpected truthiness of the TV usually these panel discussions are painfully scripted and "balanced". But I guess the folks up in the upper reaches of perpdom were also surprised because today....nothing, nada, de rien.

Even though the final, long awaited meeting between Trudeau and Modi has already come and gone...the CBC has yet to report.  It went as well as could be expected. I had to go to the Times of India and other Indian news sources to find out the details. Here is the report from the TOI and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

From The Times of India:

Narendra Modi in joint presser with Canadian PM Trudeau: Won't tolerate those who challenge our sovereignty

| Updated: Feb 23, 2018, 16:22 IST

NEW DELHI: Standing beside his Canadian counterpart Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that any attempts to challenge India's sovereignty and unity will not be tolerated.

"There should be no space for those who misuse religion for political motives and promote separatism. We will not tolerate those who challenge unity and integrity of our countries," PM Modi said as he addressed a joint press meet with the Canadian PM.

PM Modi's remark assumes significance in the light of the Trudeau government's "soft stand" on pro-Khalistan+ groups based in Canada.

Earlier in the week, a major row erupted after PM Trudeau's wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, was photographed standing with a convicted pro-Khalistan terrorist+ , Jaspal Atwal, at a Mumbai event.

Atwal, who was a member of the now-banned International Sikh Youth Federation, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for trying to kill the then Punjab cabinet minister Malkiat Singh Sidhu on Vancouver Island in 1986. Atwal later even confessed he was the shooter.

Atwal was even invited to a dinner-reception in Delhi celebrating the Canada-India ties on the occasion of PM Trudeau's visit to India.

The photograph became a major source of embarrassment for PM Trudeau who is currently in India for a week-long visit.

The Canadian Prime Minister was quick to cancel the dinner invite and said that the matter was being taken "extremely seriously".

"Obviously, we take this extremely seriously. He should never have received an invitation. As soon as we received the information we rescinded it, a Member of Parliament had included this individual," Trudeau told media persons.

Today, after their nearly two-hour long meeting, Modi, while addressing a joint media event with the Canadian prime minister, said they discussed the entire gamut of the bilateral partnership......"

Greencrow notes: I think the key words here are captured in the headline. IMO, Modi's carefully measured words:

"...Won't tolerate those who challenge our sovereignty."

...were directed, not at Trudeau...but at his know, Soros, Hillary and Company. By now, it is painfully clear that Trudeau is not the author of Canadian foreign (or domestic?) policies in any way, shape or form. My suspicion is that Trudeau and Canada are merely pawns an a typical neocon, globalist, warmonger effort to destabilize a country and possibly set it up for regime change. India, as a member of BRICS, has allied itself with Russia and China and would therefore be a prime target for such a project. So Modi was speaking over the top of Trudeau's head to those who organized the trip and set the agenda...that, whether by happenstance or design...went so badly off the rails.

To be continued...once Trudeau is back in Canada...and must face parliament. There are still so many unanswered questions...and so much unaccepted responsibility.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

UPDATED: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau lurches from one political landmine to another during India Junket

Sophie Trudeau poses with convicted attempted murderer, Jaspal Atwal,
in Mumbai Feb. 20. The Trudeaus attended a business and cultural event
in the city that evening celebrating Indian cinema.
(Name withheld upon request)

UPDATED:  February 22, 2018 Here is the latest analysis from the CBC on the Trudeau/Sikh Convicted Attempted Murderer invitation controversy.  You would think heads would roll as a result of this diplomatic debacle...but don't hold your breath.  Accepting responsibility and acting appropriately to ensure it doesn't happen again has never been a priority for the neocon Deep State that runs things in the "Five Eyes".

I've been watching all week while Canada's le Dauphin Prime Minister lurches from one political cow paddy to another during an extended "State" visit to the BRICS member, India.

At first, I thought the Indian Prime Minister Modi was snubbing Trudeau (not meeting him at airport, not "Tweeting" a welcome, even though this is a common practice for Modi when foreign leaders visit) because, as a BRICS member and very good personal friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Modi was doing a little payback for Trudeau's atrocious stance re Russia...considering Trudeau ran his election campaign promising Canadians a political "reset" from the noxious and toxic "Harper years".  Instead, Trudeau escalated the gratuitious, one-sided, and infantile "cold war" between Canada and Russia--by appointing the neo-Nazi, Kiev Junta-supporting Chrystia Freeland as Foreign Minister, even though she is banned from visiting Russia.

But, apparently this is NOT the [only] reason for Modi's cold-shouldering of the Canadian PM.  It seems also, and primarily, related to Canada's support for the separatist Sikh's.  Who knew?  Nobody, apparently--except for the befuddled pawn Trudeau and his Sorosian handlers.

Please read the latest shocking caper as described in the CBC and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

Convicted attempted murderer invited to state dinner with Trudeau in India

B.C.'s Jaspal Atwal was convicted for 1986 attempt to assassinate Indian cabinet minister on Vancouver Island

By Terry Milewski, CBC News Posted: Feb 21, 2018 6:23 PM ET Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018 6:23 PM ET 
Jaspal Atwal, a convicted former member of an illegal Sikh separatist group, was invited to dine with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at a formal event hosted by the Canadian High Commissioner Thursday in Delhi.

The invitation, which was extended by Canada's High Commissioner to India, is being rescinded after CBC News asked the Prime Minister's Office about it.

"I can confirm that the High Commission is in the process of rescinding Mr. Atwal's invitation," said PMO spokeswoman Eleanore Catenaro in an email to CBC News.

Photos obtained by CBC News show Atwal posing for pictures with Trudeau's wife, Sophie, and Liberal cabinet minister Amarjeet Sohi at an event with the Indian film industry in Mumbai on Tuesday.

His appearance at an official tour event could prove highly embarrassing for Trudeau, who has been at pains during his Indian trip to assure his hosts that Canada supports a united India and rejects violent extremism.

Atwal, who did not travel to India with the Trudeaus' entourage, was convicted of the attempted murder of an Indian cabinet minister, Malkiat Singh Sidhu, on Vancouver Island in 1986.

At the time, he was a member of the International Sikh Youth Federation, banned as a terrorist group in Canada, the U.K., the U.S. and India.

He's also been convicted in an automobile fraud case and was charged, but not convicted, in a 1985 near-fatal attack on Ujjal Dosanjh, an opponent of the Sikh separatist movement who later became premier of British Columbia.
Trudeau arrived in Mumbai Monday evening and stayed for a number of meetings on Tuesday before travelling to Amritsar and Delhi.

On Wednesday in Delhi, Trudeau firmly insisted that he rejects Sikh extremism.

It is not clear how Atwal got onto the guest lists at both the Mumbai and Delhi events. The Prime Minister's Office said it would not comment on security matters.

Atwal was one of four men who ambushed and shot at Sidhu's car on a rural road on Vancouver Island in 1986, badly wounding him.

More recently, the Insurance Corp. of British Columbia won a $28,000 judgment against Atwal over a stolen car ring involving Atwal's son, Vik, and dozens of others.

Atwal has denied any involvement in the attack on Dosanjh, but admits his role in the attempt to assassinate Sidhu.
Trudeau has been under pressure throughout his India tour to answer Indian concerns about Sikh separatism in Canada. On Wednesday, he was asked about the public display of "martyr" posters honouring Talwinder Parmar, the leader of the 1985 Air India bomb plot, which took 331 lives.

"I do not think we should ever be glorifying mass-murderers," Trudeau said, "and I'm happy to condemn that."

A provincial Liberal staffer in B.C. resigned after giving Atwal a ticket to attend the delivery of the provincial budget in 2012.
Greencrow notes: I don't know who organized the Prime Minister's trip to India...but that individual [hopefully it's Foreign Minister Freeland] should be fired immediately. Normally, intelligent folks at this level in government send over deputy ministers beforehand to determine the diplomatic protocol and iron out any issues that might stand in the way of furthering positive relations between the two countries. If there are serious issues...the trip is postponed until such time as the issues are resolved. None of these problems would even exist--if Canada was able to set its own foreign policies--according to the democratically expressed wishes of its citizens!

In closing, and as I have said over and over ever since Trudeau revealed his [or more correctly, his handlers'] policies...CANADA DESERVES BETTER!

Guest Post: Oceans On Verge of Collapse Due to Overfishing

If you're overfishing at the top of the food chain, and acidifying the ocean at the bottom, you're creating a squeeze that could conceivably collapse the whole system.” - Carl Safina, founder of

The other day I received an e-mail from John Hawthorne.  I had never heard of him before but he had come across a post of mine that I published on this blog not too long ago--about the environmental crisis caused by human overfishing.  I been posting on this topic intermittently for years now and my conclusion is, as expressed in that post, that there needs to be a world-wide moratorium on fishing of all kinds everywhere...or the entire system of marine life and aquatic life in the oceans, which has evolved over millions of years, could collapse...probably within the lifetime of our children.

You would think this would capture the attention of the public...but No.  No, the sheeple are much too distracted by all the faux investigations into government corruption, the weekly program of Deep State terror psyops--False Flags and False Flag notice the real crisis humanity is causing in the oceans.  

John asked if I could review his article that he published on this website:

and perhaps give it a mention on this blog.  Well, after reading it, I am excited to present it for my readers...some of the most intelligent and aware folks on earth.  Here it is in its entirety and I will have more comments to follow:

Overfishing Is A Huge Problem. Here's What You Need To Know

Posted On: 12/13/17 5:05 AM
by John Hawthorne

Humans have an uncanny ability for destruction. This isn’t intentional. It’s somehow hardwired into us. In fact, the very skills that have allowed us to survive for thousands of years are often the same ones that lead to our destruction. We’re seeing this more and more in recent decades.

As the population skyrockets and our natural resources dwindle, we find ourselves in a difficult situation. We must continue to use the earth’s resources to survive, and yet the more we use the more danger we put ourselves in. This can be clearly seen in the fishing industry.

One of the greatest ecological, man made threats now wreaking havoc on our ecosystem is overfishing.

“On a global scale we have enough fishing capacity to cover at least four Earth like planets.”

An average person is now consuming twice (about 20kg per year) as much food than they did 50 years ago. Additionally, the global population has nearly quadrupled since the end of the 1960s. In other words, we are not only eating more, but we’ve also created four times more mouths to feed. As a consequence, the health of the seas, its inhabitants, and those whose livelihood depends on it, are suddenly finding themselves struggling.

Daily, innumerable quantities of fish are hauled out of the sea. Unfortunately, that tonnage is much more that can be naturally replenished. By the numbers, 30% of the waters that are commercially fished are overfished and in need of emergency action.

Worse over 60% of fishing waters - the same one that were in abundance in the last 30 or so years - are fully fished.

What Causes Overfishing?

There are dozens of reason for overfishing. Blaming overpopulation and our growing appetite for sushi would be a simplistic and naive assessment. It is essential to note that each region has a political and economical incentive for creating the crisis. We simply can’t place Pakistan, Ireland, and China into the same boat. Each country and government has contributed their own unique problems.

Nonetheless, there are a few reasons that are universal.

- The challenge of regulation. Keeping an eye on, tracking, and policing the oceans is a daunting task. Most governments are well aware that they lack the resources for such work. For every vessel stopped, 30 more make port.
- Lack of oversight. Fleets, ships and even mobile factories are barely monitored in many countries, allowing to overfish at will.
- Lawless international waters. Twenty miles off the coast of every country, vessels enter international waters, a no man’s jurisdiction where there are little to no regulations.
- Lack of knowledge of fish populations and quotas. There really is no index to determine how many squids, tunas or, for that matter, any other species of marine animal there is swimming around in the ocean. This makes it challenging for countries to know what types of quotas to place on the fishing industry.
- Ignorance and corruption. Most customs officials are either ignorant regarding the species of fish they’re allowing for import or are they are accepting bribes. This leads to a great deal of confusion and allows many fishermen to get around fishing laws.
- Unreported fishing. In many cases, small vessels are able to fly under the radar. They can make port and unload their catch without anyone being the wiser.
- Mobile processing plants. One of the greatest assets in the illegal fishing trade is the mobile processing. A gigantic tanker that processes, it’s capable of quickly canning and wrapping the day’s catch. More and more, companies are importing canned goods instead of fresh fish.
- Subsidies. Many countries offer high subsidies for fisherman. These benefits, which in some places even include free housing, have thrown more kindling on the fire. It’s estimated that there are almost 3 times more fleets than needed.
- Unprotected waters. Only 1.5% of the world’s oceans are protected waters. This means that the 98.5% left are fair game for fishermen. Large swaths of these areas are being harmed or depleted.

Some of the areas most impacted by overfishing are:

- The Arctic
- Coastal East Africa
- The Coral Triangle (comprised of waters off of Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, and Timor Leste)
- The Gulf of California
- The Mesoamerican Reef (off the coasts of Belize, Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala)
- Southern Chile
- The Galapagos

Consequences of Overfishing

It’s estimated that most of the world’s marine ecosystem is fished far beyond the capacity to sustain a fish population, with many species finding themselves on the threshold of extinction.

This in itself is a troubling condition that could have calamitous repercussions and long-term effects on humanity’s consumption and dietary needs. Still, on a global scale, this consequence is only one of many problems.

One of the greatest dangers of overfishing is the chaos that it creates in a perfectly balanced ecosystem. For example:

- Predators, particularly large ones like sharks, dolphins, whales, and tuna, are susceptible to nets. In many cases they are innocent bystanders, caught in a trawler’s nets. This is known is in the industry as bycatch (when fishermen unintentionally catch one species while hunting their target). These animals help maintain balance in the ecosystem, not only keeping down potentially harmful species but also serving as decomposing material for sea fauna and food for other symbiotic species.

- On the other side of the coin, overfishing also negatively impacts fish that are near the bottom of the food chain. As predator numbers begin to plummet, the species that rely on the predators also start to suffer.

- Algae is essential for a burgeoning oceanic ecosystem, but too much of it can be disastrous. As fish populations begin to dwindle and fewer fish feed on algae, the amount of algae will increase. The acidity of algae, not to mention other organic and chemical properties of it, can negatively impact fish population, plankton, and reefs.

- An explosion of algae due a lack of scavengers has put the world’s coral reefs at risk. The algae itself isn’t harmful, but a bio product of it (Dissolved Organic Carbon or DOC) is. DOC feeds and promotes the propagation of harmful natural pathogens that, in large amounts, can deprive a reef the energy to sustain itself.

- Many coastal nations rely on the fishing industry for a huge portion of their gross domestic product, often on the sale taxes it generates.

- There are dozens of coastal ghost towns that can trace their population exodus to overfishing.

- Rural, and in many cases isolated communities, rely on fishing not for dietary purposes, with fish being their main source of protein. With the depletion of the fish population, they find their very way of life threatened. A great majority of island bound communities in the lower Pacific are tied to the seas and their resources and find themselves in danger.

- Some species find themselves constantly on a knife’s edge. Species like Bigeye tuna, Bluefin tuna, Skipjack tuna, Yellowfin tuna, Albacore tuna, Abelone (from Japan and China), Atlantic and Pacific cod, Atlantic Halibut, Spiny lobster (from the Caribbean area), and many more are getting pushed to extinction.

- Ghost fishing is when nets, gear, artifacts and the objects used for fishing are unceremoniously dumped into the ocean (because they’ve served their purpose or on account that the illegal fishermen want to get rid of the damning evidence). These tools attract scavengers of the deep; creating perfect traps to ensnare all manner of marine animals.

- In many cases, fishermen disregard maritime law and venture without permission into foreign waters. The sovereign nation has no other choice but to respond to this invasion. When this takes place, the fisherman’s nation might see it as a sign of aggression, and vice-versa. A famous example of this is the Cod Wars, fought between the British and the Icelandic.


Unless drastic action is taken, humanity could find itself facing a crisis. The more the seas are depleted, the more we are harming ourselves. We’re killing one of our primary food sources, destroying a beautiful ecosystem, and wreaking havoc on the earth. Clearly, something must change.

This change, however, isn’t simple. It involves multiple nations working together to create a practical plan for preserving the waters. Yet despite the difficulty, it must be done.

Again, to quote Carl Safina:

"For each of us, then, the challenge and opportunity is to cherish all life as the gift it is, envision it whole, seek to know it truly, and undertake—with our minds, hearts and hands—to restore its abundance. It is said that where there’s life there’s hope, and so no place can inspire us with more hopefulness than that great, life-making sea—that singular, wondrous ocean covering the blue planet." 
We couldn’t agree more.

John Hawthorne

Greencrow Comments: As John Hawthorne says, "something must change". Knowing humanity's frailties the way I do...I suspect that any "half measures" will be just like all the other environmental initiatives thus far...just a huge game for the Corporatist Deep State perps to circumvent. Like the so-called carbon tax system for the so-called "global warming" crisis. The rich countries will barter and finagle their way around any restrictions. No. I will repeat what I said in earlier posts on this issue...the only way to save the oceans from overfishing is a world wide ban/moratorium on fishing for, say, 10 years to start. And this includes any fish farming done in ocean that just harms the wild stocks with bacteria, etc.

The reason there needs to be a world wide moratorium on fishing is so that there can be no loop holes...ANY fish boat caught in the act will be subject to confiscation of fish, huge fines and even imprisonment of crew. It must be viewed by humanity as similar to the world wide moratorium on elephant hunting for ivory--a last gasp chance of saving the resource.

Thanks, John for your contribution.