Thursday, November 23, 2017

RT: "No more ‘fighting ISIS?’ US to stay in Syria to prevent ‘win’ for Assad and Iran"

US Secretary of Defense James Mattis recently
Erroneously stated that US had UN approval
for Syrian occupation

The CIA owned Washington Post is reporting that the United States plans to remain in Syria indefinitely now that ISIS has been defeated.  Here is a report from RT on the US decision.  I will have my reactions in comments to follow:


"The US plans to keep its troops in Syria long after the defeat of ISIS – the goal used to justify their illegal presence in the first place – because the Syrian government and its ally Iran would “win” if they were withdrawn, the Washington Post reported.
The Trump administration is “expanding its goals” in Syria to include a “potentially open-ended commitment” to support the Kurd-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the newspaper reported on Wednesday, citing several anonymous US officials. The change comes as the defeat of the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) terrorist group in Syria seems imminent.
Washington has been justifying its deployment of ground troops in Syria, which violates the embattled nation’s sovereignty, by citing the need to fight IS. US Defense Secretary James Mattis last week went so far as to erroneously claim that the US had been given a mandate to be in Syria, stating: “You know, the UN said that … basically we can go after ISIS. And we're there to take them out.”
While Washington has a history of skipping UN approval for its military interventions, be it in Syria or in other sovereign states, it appears that the semblance of legitimacy for keeping hundreds of troops in Syria is about to be dispelled. WaPo sources say that Washington actually sees its boots on the ground as a source of leverage in dealing with the government of President Bashar Assad and his allies.
“An abrupt US withdrawal could complete Assad’s sweep of Syrian territory and help guarantee his political survival – an outcome that would constitute a win for Iran, his close ally. To avoid that outcome, US officials say they plan to maintain a US troop presence in northern Syria… and establish new local governance, apart from the Assad government, in those areas,” the newspaper said.
If true, it means Washington will be actively promoting Kurdish separatism to spite Damascus and Tehran, while paying lip service to preserving Syria’s territorial integrity.
“The conditions are there for the counter-ISIS campaign to morph into a counter-Iran campaign,” Nicholas Heras of the Washington-based Center for a New American Security told WaPo. “By placing no timeline on the end of the US mission… the Pentagon is creating a framework for keeping the US engaged in Syria for years to come."

greencrow saysThis is no doubt an act of sheer desperation by ONE of the warring two factions within the Pentagon.  It certainly has all the earmarks of the insane Satanist element that is warring against the US constitutionalists for control of the US military and governance.  Staying in Syria in isolated bases, cut off from mainstream Syria and the Arab Middle East....acting like a small pocket of cancer in an organ...awaiting excise by an expert oncologist...will be a very expensive operation for the already bankrupt United States.  It will act as a final drag on the economy which will soon take a body blow from the "death of the petro dollar".  

More importantly, if the above WP report is correct and the US plans to "....maintain a US troop presence in northern Syria [Kurdistan]… and establish new local governance, apart from the Assad government, in those areas,” the newspaper said...."

Then that marks a death knell for Turkey's membership in NATO.  USrael must know that, and be willing to toss away this strategic partnership, a cornerstone of NATO in modern post WWII times.

By propping up an independent Kurdistan, the United States is forcing Turkey into the arms of Putin, Russia and its allies in the Middle East and elsewhere.  THIS is a huge mistake and also signals that the United States is totally under the thrall of the detriment of all other allies...including Europe.  The long term implications are tremendous.  It would not be too far of a stretch to say...if this strategy goes forward....geopolitics will enter an era.....where it is the United States (plus its pathetic vassals like Canada and Australia) and Israel...against the entire world.

Gordon Duff says the "...Death of Daesh is like a Death of a Child to the Pentagon"

Gordon Duff of Veterans Today
on Iranian Press TV

The Iranian Government funded News Channel, the excellent "PressTV" was disabled for two days earlier this week.  I was going to comment on its abrupt disappearance if it was down for a third day...but then it came back up.  I wondered why it had gone down until I saw the above interview with Veteran's Today's Gordon Duff.  Then it all became clear.  Watch the above interview....waaaaaaay too much truthiness from Mr. Duff.  Calling Daesh the "Pentagon's child" was probably too much for the vassals at Google.  Bravo, Gordon, for telling it exactly like it is. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Syrian Victory: "....the U.S. has lost all credibility in the region outside of Riyadh and Tel Aviv" 

Putin Greets Assad in Sochi, Russia
on the Occasion of their Victory
in Saving the Syrian State

"Whatever happens after this the U.S. has lost all credibility in the region outside of Riyadh and Tel Aviv" 

....and, unfortunately...Ottawa

Robin Westenra of "Seemorerocks" has published two videos and an excellent summation written by Tom Luongo of the Syrian Victory by Putin, Assad and their Middle East allies that I believe captures this momentous event in such a way that it needs to be copied in full and shared as widely as possible.  I am going to have comments to follow..... after readers have had a chance to read history as it recently unfolded:

the End of US Dominance in the Middle East
Whatever happens after this the U.S. has lost all credibility in the region outside of Riyadh and Tel Aviv 

Tom Luongo

Russia Insider
21 November, 2017

I’m not a terribly religious man. But, I’d like to believe there is a special corner in Hell reserved for those that fomented the Syrian Civil War.

From its beginnings in Libya with gun-funneling through the U.S. embassy in Benghazi to yesterday’s meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, this entire affair will be remembered as one of the most cynical and abusive periods of history.
The Syrian ‘Civil War’ was meant to be the crowning achievement of U.S./Israeli/Saudi policy in the Middle East, the apotheosis of neoconservatism.
Had it succeeded it would have transformed the world into a living hell governed by the likes of Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Angela Merkel and the U.S./U.K. banking cartel.
Syria was to be the wedge that blew open not only the Middle East but Central Asia as well. It would stop the resurgence of Russia as a world power, subjugate Europe to an endless nightmare of forced cultural assimilation and completed bankrupting the United States to bring it in line with the a failing European integration project.
Supranational treaties like the TPP, TTIP and the Paris Accord were designed to create a superstructure that would supplant national sovereignty without any input from the people who were most affected by it.
Putin’s Turning Point
With Vladimir Putin’s pivotal speech at the United Nations on September 28th, 2015, opposition to this vision was expressed in the most forceful, and frankly, humanist terms one could imagine. I’m going to remind you of the most important passage as it relates to Syria.
"...In these circumstances, it is hypocritical and irresponsible to make loud declarations about the threat of international terrorism while turning a blind eye to the channels of financing and supporting terrorists, including the process of trafficking and illicit trade in oil and arms. It would be equally irresponsible to try to manipulate extremist groups and place them at one’s service in order to achieve one’s own political goals in the hope of later dealing with them or, in other words, liquidating them.
To those who do so, I would like to say — dear sirs, no doubt you are dealing with rough and cruel people, but they’re in no way primitive or silly. They are just as clever as you are, and you never know who is manipulating whom. And the recent data on arms transferred to this most moderate opposition is the best proof of it.
We believe that any attempts to play games with terrorists, let alone to arm them, are not just short-sighted, but fire hazardous (ph). This may result in the global terrorist threat increasing dramatically and engulfing new regions, especially given that Islamic State camps train militants from many countries, including the European countries..."

In truth, the whole speech is worth revisiting. It is a stark reminder that Putin, normally very reserved in his words, laid all of his cards on the table and directly accused the United States of declaring war on the world.
And within 48 hours Sukhois were flying over Syria, bombing targets opposed to Syria’s government, allowing one military victory after another for the beleaguered Syrian Arab Army. Shortly thereafter a coalition formed around Assad’s government including Iran’s Republican Guard, Hezbollah’s military wing and China’s tacit financial and moral support.
Putin told everyone, “Enough is enough” at the U.N. Then he backed up his words with actions. War is always regrettable. It is almost never justified. But, when faced with an implacable enemy, there was little else to be done.
And I submit that the neoconservative forces driving the anti-Assad policy decisions are that implacable enemy.
The End of ‘Assad Must Go’
That action began the process of unraveling the carefully constructed narrative that was the Syrian Civil War.
But, enough history.
Yesterday Putin introduced Assad to the military commanders who are most responsible for the stabilization of his country. Syria as a political unit has survived.
Saudi Arabia’s old guard are imprisoned, impoverished and losing influence around the world by the minute. Israel’s neoconservative government, led by madman Benjamin Netanyahu, is fulminating impotently at the turn of events, and, of course, ISIS has all but been wiped out in both Syria and Iraq.
The U.S. continues to talk out of both sides of its mouth, allowing some ISIS members cover to escape to be used again another day, presumably against Iran and/or Lebanon, while taking credit for ISIS’s collapse and the capture of Raqqa.
This reflects the deep-seated issues within the vast U.S. diplomatic, military and intelligence communities and the difficulties President Trump is having bringing these disparate groups to heel while not appearing weak and ineffectual.
You need only look at the odd event over the weekend of military helicopters landing at the CIA’s headquarters at Quantico to know that, at a minimum, there is an internal war occurring within the U.S. government.
The best explanation I’ve heard (and this is by no means a corroborated fact) is that the U.S. military put on a show of force against Obama administration hold-overs in the CIA still operating its terrorist proxies in Syria. And that these operations are in direct conflict with U.S. military goals there.
If that is the case then Putin is right to simply ignore the Americans and move policy talks forward at an accelerated rate, ignoring the talks in Geneva and giving Assad all the support he needs to continue on as Syria’s leader, if that is what the Syrian people want.
Given Assad’s open support of his military and the way the war against ISIS and other separatist groups was led by Syrian forces on the ground, there is little doubt that Assad will win that support in any upcoming elections.
Putin Won’t Gloat
The big question is, however, what price will be extracted from the U.S. for their part in all of this. Putin will not put Trump in a bad position. The loss of face for the U.S. has already occurred internationally.
The Obama administration’s complicity in this sorry chapter of Middle East history has been mostly laid base for anyone with eyes open enough to see.
Putin will offer Trump a way to save face for the U.S. while laying all the blame on Obama, Clinton, McCain and the rest of them. If you don’t think this ties into Robert Mueller’s ‘Russia-Gate’ investigation run amok, you aren’t paying attention.
Mueller is trying to desperately save everyone implicated here from treason charges. But, I expect, everything about the U.S. political scene is about to change radically. Once Judge Roy Moore enters the Senate (the odds of that not happening are close to zero), Trump has an impeachment-proof majority in the House and the Senate and can shut down Mueller or get him to play ball.
Trump has the opportunity to play peace-maker here. He can solidify his position as the handler of Saudi Arabia’s and Israel’s worst actors and keep them on a short leash.
In fact, one could make a credible argument that is what the purge in Saudi Arabia was all about. Mohammed bin Salman’s counter-coup was done with Trump’s blessing.
Putin can act similarly to allay suspicions of Iran’s and Hezbollah’s intentions. He can also restrain Assad from retaliating against his enemies, though rightly deserved, in order to build a lasting peace. And once the talks are over and the threat of Kurdish independence is over, Turkey will withdraw its troops from Syria.
Putin is set to call Trump later today to update him on what comes next. It’s obvious that the two have been in contact about how things are progressing in Syria. And, Trump, for his part has smartly left the clean-up work to Putin while he deals with his domestic neoconservative problems.
Whatever happens after this — framework for long-term peace or an uneasy ceasefire with Russia playing the go-between for the time being — the U.S. has lost all credibility in the region outside of Riyadh and Tel Aviv.
And we have no one to blame except ourselves.
Source: Gold, Goats and Guns
Putin has destroyed 10 years old U.S. plan for Syria!Whole Syrian conflict in 11 minutes!

Russia's War for Syria
...and the Rule of International Law...
told in 11 minutes

greencrow comments:  It has been a very long time since those of us who have grown up in the West, post JFK assassination and particularly post 9/11 coup/atrocity, have witnessed a just victory...or really, any victory.  Those who occupy the West...who the Russians call "Atlanticists" don't really strive for victory.  They strive for control through chaos and destruction.  This is what we've seen in country after country, decade after decade for most of the past century since the end of WWII.

If the West has been fighting for chaos, destruction and the end of the rule of International be replaced by the "Law of the Jungle" and "survival of the fittest" Neanderthal savagery, what has Putin been fighting for?  Clearly, the polar opposite.  Putin, the lawyer who specialized in International Agreements and Negotiation, has always had the Rule of Law as his guiding beacon of light.  This is his moral foundation...and he was fighting to preserve it above all other considerations.

The thing that escapes most people in the West is that by fighting for the rule of International Law and its instrument and institution...The United Nations... Putin was fighting for all humanity...and for planet earth itself.  Watch the first video in the link it right to the end and read Putin's words to Assad during their historic meeting on Tuesday that are in the subtitles.  The last thing that Putin tells Assad is that it will be up to the United Nations to decide the peace terms ending the Syrian conflict.  

Why will the United Nations be able to do that?  Because Putin preserved that right by saving Syria.  This does not mean that there won't be a "dead cat bounce" from the Satanic forces he was (and is) fighting against.  IMO, there are some particularly treacherous times ahead.  But, as I started out by has been a long time since those of us who believe in Peace, Order and Good Government...and the Rule of Law have seen or tasted victory.  So long, it's hard to believe it has really happened.  So long in fact, we're afraid to savour reach out and touch it....afraid it might evaporate and disappear into the fog of war again.  Only time will convince us to hope that such a miracle could happen.  

Speedboating Through the Everglades...and other Unbelievable Americana

Speedboating Through the Everglades

While staying in Florida for three days during our recent Caribbean holiday, we did a tour of the Everglades.  After a very long bus ride from Miami, we ended up in the Everglades and boarded what turned out to be a "speedboat" for a 45 minute water tour.

My illusion (as it turned out) about the Everglades included that it would be a swamp bordered by tall, dense forests of "Mango-type" trees...lots of ferns and wild life....bird songs filling the air. This image was more or less encouraged by the advertisement on the tour brochure..."See alligators and other wildlife in their natural habitat!"  The reality was almost 180% from the illusion.  We were told by our guide that the Everglades is not a swamp but is in fact a slow flowing river...a fact that escaped the early Floridians...who tried in vain to "drain the swamp" back in the 1800's....before realizing it was a flowing river.

I expected a quiet, respectful tour of the home of so much endangered wildlife.  Not so.  There were about 8 or 10 big open speedboats, like the one we rode in the video I shot above.  They were all racing up and down the canals...the big boat engines creating a huge noise and water disturbance.  If there WAS any wildlife in the canals...I thought it would already have beaten a path elsewhere, to avoid the chaos and destruction being caused to the floating reeds, water lilies, etc. by the huge boat props.

In fact, we were shown exactly three smallish alligators who were resting in the reeds at three different points along the tour.  We figured these alligators were probably fed by the guides to attract them to their "appointments" with the tour boats.  We saw two large herons and my partner says he saw some smallish fish in the waters...I looked but saw NO fish.  In other words, what we saw of the Everglades proved to be a virtual wasteland.  Relieved to be off the tour speedboat at the end of the "wild ride" we were shepherded into a small open air theatre, which had a shallow "swimming pool" that was home to about 11 "rescue" alligators.

The "Master of Ceremonies/Alligator trainer" put on a very funny stand-up comedy routine using a big alligator as a "straight man".  As the trainer knelt over the reptile, the large beast hardly moved a fraction of an inch. The glib MC talked to it, petted it, opened its mouth and put his chin in.  I concluded the alligator must have been heavily sedated.  Likewise, the other 10 or so alligators lying about in the shallow water exposed to the relentless sunshine and heat.  To his credit, the MC told us that the alligator and its much more unpredictable and dangerous cousin, the crocodile, were endangered....and he was devoting his life to protecting as many "rescue" alligators as possible.  Well, a good start would be to get rid of the speedboats on the Everglade canals....and showing more respect for the habitat and its residents.

I don't know whether that will ever happen...after the tour I asked some folks what they liked the most...their reply?  The Speed!

Historical Everglades - Map

Monday, November 20, 2017

Just Along for the Van Ride

Monument to Slave Uprising in Curacao

Like a lot of bloggers, I've been very depressed lately.  As Joni Mitchell said:  "Maybe it's the Time of Year....or maybe it's the Time of Man".  One of my best blogging colleagues, Ed from "Occurrences" has booked off and "euthanized his three blogs.  Northerntruthseeker is considering doing the same.  The lies are getting a wee bit too much for us.  Like the little Dutch Boy holding the dike together with his thumb...the pressure of the lies is building and we can no longer hold them back.

Witness this post from "From the Trenches" this morning.  According to a blogging researcher...the Mandalay Hotel in Las Vegas has hired a PR firm to concoct conspiracy theories to put out on the Internet regarding the massacre.  Apparently, some Twitter conspiracy theories were traced back to the CEO of the PR firm.  It supports what I have always said about False Flags.  One of the reasons for them is to "Drill the Message".  To put out lies about the event and force the mainstream media to either promulgate the lies or lose their careers/revenue.  The end game is to muddy public discourse with putrid lies so that nobody knows what to believe and those who support morality, justice and the rule of law are ridiculed as fools.  In other words, the same old "divide and conquer"....that has always had the perps coming up the middle between the two factions.

As I mentioned in an earlier post...I happened to stumble upon a shocking truth during my recent vacation in the Caribbean.  Visiting the island of Curacao, my travelling companions and I loaded ourselves onto a small 8 person van for a tour of the island.  Our guide/driver was a very big very black man of African descent.  He looked like a linebacker for the NFL.  He started the tour by telling us he was going to take us to a site off the beaten tourist track.  We ended up out in the bush miles from the capital city of Willemstad.  The bush was facing an ocean beach.  On a clearing stood the monument in the photo I took above.  He told us that it was a monument to a slave uprising that took place on the island in the 1700's.  Then he told us that Curacao was the main destination/port of the African slave trade.  His ancestors were brought to the island as part of a shipment totaling upwards of 25,000 slaves over two centuries.  The slaves were kept on Curacao for two years being "trained" and given "skills" prior to being transferred to the mainland North America or other islands in the Caribbean.

Funny, I read the book "Roots" back in the l970's which purported to tell the story of the African Slave trade.  I don't remember hearing about Curacao.  And I certainly don't remember hearing who the slave traders were.  Rich "Sephardic" Jews, according to the first version of the Wikipedia entry that I pulled up out of Google.  I copied the link on my previous post on this topic but when I went back to re-read it...not believing how honest it was the first was purged of any direct connection between the Jews and slavery on Curacao.  Amazing how quick they were to "amend" the entry.  Now it just says there were slaves and there were jews...but not connecting the two.

Our Curacao guide wasn't coy about connecting the two.  After showing us the monument and saying he personally would like it moved to the centre of Willemstad...he drove us to the rich "old" part of the city.  He pointed out some big old houses surrounded by thick stone walls and said that this was the Jewish section of town where the slave traders lived.  Funny how there was absolutely NO reaction from his passengers.  I did not say a word.  I knew better than to step in that cowpaddy.  One of our travel companions is a longtime holocaust spouter and dares anyone with an alternative viewpoint to open their traps on the topic.  No.  I said nothing because I was just along for the van ride.

But I wondered if he was able to connect the dots.  This "secret", IMO, is one of the foundational lies that prop up the house of cards we call our "civilization".  Thanks to the Internet...humanity (or at least 37% of humanity that possesses critical thinking) has been slowly waking up to the horror that our world is "run by psychopaths".  The other aspect of this horror is the knowledge that 63% of humanity is like I was in the van in Curacao...just along for the ride.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Separated at Birth?

Hammy the Hammock Deer

From the CBC comes this report:

Hammy, the deer made famous for having a piece of purple hammock stuck in his antlers, is proving tough to find for the B.C. Conservation Officer Service as they try and remove the fabric before rutting season. Hammy made headlines and attracted a large fanbase after photos of him strutting around Prince Rupert with a shock of bright purple on his right antler were shared to a Facebook group devoted to tracking his whereabouts.

A deer with a hammock on his head is Prince Rupert's newest celebrity

Although conservation officers at the time said it appeared Hammy wasn't having any trouble as a result of the fabric, they are now concerned it could get tangled as rutting season begins — a time when bucks like Hammy compete for does by locking antlers with each other in a display of masculinity.


Jagmeet Singh - Canada's Leader
of the Federal New Democratic Party

I'm it politically incorrect to make a joke about a political leader....if he is of a "visible minority"?  Is that now off limits? Probably.  But I will repeat that I am not a fact, I dated a Canadian Sikh man for four years and was engaged to him...when I was in my 20's.  He did not wear a turban or a beard....saying that his family had decided to integrate with the predominant Canadian culture of the day.  In fact, he did not like other Sikh's clinging to their ancestral habits that separated them from Canadian society...but that was only his viewpoint....and each to their own.

What I do object strongly to is how my political party of choice (the NDP) during the last Federal (s)election has since been hijacked by an elite, deep-pocketed faction in Ontario who plucked this guy out of obscurity and crowned him head of a party while the rest of the country did not even know who he was.  His views from what I can tell are not anti-war or anti-globalist...he's just another Andrew Scheer...who was similarly elected head of the Conservative party.  As a result of these two leaders, Singh and Scheer...Canada's democratic system has effectively been neutralized and neutered.  In other words...all the parties have exactly the same geopolitical platforms.

So I am back to where I started when I first began blogging...with NO ONE TO VOTE FOR.  I am back to supporting the "Spoil Your Ballot" and make them count the spoiled ballots movement...that I started myself several years ago.  I call it "NONE OF THE ABOVE".  Or, perhaps if they put "Hammy the Hammock" on the ballot, I could vote for him!


NOTE:  It is always an eye opener to go back and try to find one of your own posts on Blogger.  More often than not the videos have been selectively de-activated.  But this time, I went back to look for a post I did on October 1, 2014 on the option "None of the Above" and the entire post was missing!  So much for blogging for posterity.  The Reality Controllers are editing as we type.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Trump's sick gift to his son

Elephant Trophy Hunting Slaughter

Trump just gave his son a sick gift, changing the law to let bloodthirsty American hunters (like Trump Jr!) murder elephants and bring their heads home as trophies. Let’s build a massive global campaign to shame the US into dropping this disgusting plan -- Avaaz will work with African countries to deliver our call at a major wildlife protection meeting in days.


Folks, just returned home safe and sound late last night from our two week holiday in the Caribbean.  So much to say about what's going on down there.  But just opened my mailbox to the above NOTICE to sign a petition that I received in an e-mail from my sister.  I signed it immediately.  Elephants are one of my favourite non human species on earth.  Their empathy makes us humans look like the savages we are...including "trophy hunting" savages shown in the photo above.  

Once I get settled I will "merge into the heavy traffic" of my day-to-day life, which does include keeping up to date on geostrategic events and commenting on them on this blog.  In the meantime...please consider signing the above petition and with you soon!