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White Trash in the White House

Trump's letter to Kim [proof-read/edited version]

Trump recently telling press that meeting may still be "on" because "Everyone plays games."

Trump:  "Everybody Plays Games"
When Asked Why He Wrote Formal
Letter Cancelling Meeting with NK

Back in the 1800's nobody would have guessed that a member of the "white trash" lower social class of America would become president and take up residence in "The White House".  Here is a snippet from the description/definition of "white trash" that appears in Wikipedia:

"...The label signifies lower social class inside the white population and especially a degraded standard of living. The term has been adopted for people living on the fringes of the social order, who are seen as dangerous because they may be criminal, unpredictable, and without respect for political, legal, or moral authority.[1] The term is usually a racial slur,[2] but may also be used self-referentially by working class whites to jokingly describe their origins or lifestyle....."white trash" – and the modern term "trailer trash" – emphasizes the person's moral failings...."[8]"

Wikipedia calls this photo "The 10,000 hookworm family"
This poor white family from Alabama was presented in 1913 as "celebrities" because they had escaped the debilitating effects of hookworm disease, which, along with pellagra was endemic among Southern "white trash" due to poor sanitation and the phenomenon of "clay eating" (geophagia).

Even though former "reality TV star" and real estate developer Donald J. Trump is ostensibly a multibillionaire...he still qualifies as "white trash" according to the above Wikipedia definition...particularly vis a vis his "moral failings".

I say "ostensibly a multibillionaire" because in actual fact, Trump has declared bankruptcy several times.  It is only due to his prostrate abeyance to his Jewish bankster overlords that he has any money at all.  When Trump was running for president I supported his candidacy over Hilary Clinton.  I wrote numerous posts pleading his case before the American voters.  Why?  Because for them it was a choice between being swiftly shot by a military firing squad...or being drawn and quartered by a medieval torture team.  In other was not a choice at all...but merely a variation in methodologies.

Additionally, I reasoned that Trump had never [to my knowledge at least] killed anyone.  Even though he had been involved in numerous crooked real estate deals and was associated with known pedophiles and had even travelled on convicted felon Jeffery Epstein's infamous "Lolita Express" jet to Epstein's Caribbean island where the likes of Bill Clinton and others had indulged their pedophilic proclivities...Trump had no blood on his hands...yet.  That was soon rectified when, shortly after his installation in the White House... he ordered the bombing of a Syrian military base as after-dinner entertainment for his house guest...the President of China.  The moment I heard about this murder [at least eight Syrian soldiers were killed] I dropped any and all support of Trump.  From then on I dismissed anything he said to the point of never watching him speak "live" on TV again.  I also quietly hoped he would be pressured out of office by his enemies...something that seemed likely at one point...but less likely now that he has gone entirely "over to the dark side".

Ever since Trump came to office he has dragged down the historic reputation of The White House and his predecessors with his crass and undiplomatic "Tweets" and by "virtue" of past women-groping skeletons that have come tumbling out of his closet.  He has rendered his immediate predecessors, Bush Jr and Obama, into virtual intellectual giants--due to his inability to string a literate paragraph together.

In this latest episode...where Trump set up and then abruptly cancelled [without notifying vassal state South Korea] a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jung Un...Trump has made a mockery of the office of the Presidency and the American seat of government administration known as "The White House".  Using White House stationery, he wrote a bellicose, semi-literate diatribe to the leader of North Korea...threatening Kim with his "massive" nuclear arsenal and cancelling the meeting for....what?  For using "hostile" language in response to the US's own hostile threat to turn North Korea into another "Libya".

It is not rocket science to figure out the likely back story to this latest Trump diplomatic fiasco.  Trump is being jerked around by his Jewish handlers, who don't want to lose the Korean peninsula as a potential WWIII battlefield.  They particularly don't want South Korea to dig itself out from under its perpetual state of US military occupation and political vassalage.  They don't want North and South Korea to unify [as the populations of both those countries desperately want] and thus be in a position to join in the massive pipeline and trade initiatives offered to them by neighbouring emerging empires of Russia and China.

So, newly appointed National Security Advisor John Bolton and his ilk pressured, bullied and threatened Trump into writing the impetuous, stupid and infantile letter.  With two camps of the US deep state whipsawing him back and forth....particularly in the middle of the night when he's in his "Twitter" Zombie-like state...Trump doesn't know whether to sh!t or go blind from one moment to the other.  The primitive part of his brain just reflexively knows that if he keeps both camps off guard and not knowing his next move...he just might survive for ONE MORE DAY.  That has been the crisis mode he's been operating in ever since January, 2017.

So that is why the ["rich"?] white trash, after a day or so of bullying by Bolton, probably wrote the pathetic, semi-literate letter.  He snuck down to the presidential office from his personal quarters in the middle of the night...downloaded "The White House" stationery from his administrative assistant's computer and banged out his Twitteresque scribbles onto it...and sent it out in impulsive heat...without even re-reading it once.

Then, the next day when the President of South Korea telephoned him to ask why he had not even been copied....and then South Korean President Moon proceeded to reduce the US to irrelevancy by meeting with Kim himself...Trump had a palm to forehead moment.  He went into "baffle 'em with bullsh!t mode"....he appeared before the press corp on the White House lawn, helicopter revving in the background...and clumsily moonwalked back from the idiotic letter..."Everybody plays games."

The sad truth is that "the games" continue.  In fact, there is nothing BUT games coming out of The Trump White House now.  Nothing can be counted on.  It is All fakery, mockery, trickery, white trashery. Lies compounding lies.

And now it appears that the meeting between Trump and Kim is back on...only because it is now irrelevant.  Trump's nonsense has given South Korea's Moon a precious gift...a unique window of opportunity to fill the diplomatic and foreign policy vacuum left by the United State's reliance on "one trick pony thugishness and threats".  In this day of major "New Silk Road" and BRI [Belt and Road Initiative] low level, white trash, thugishness, illegally imposed sanctions and military threats no longer cut it.

Dreams of a prosperous, peaceful future along with political maturity, reliability, honest "win win" negotiation and political class...are the bait that China and Russia are using to lure American vassals, one by one, away from their chains of military occupation, threats, political/economic instability and isolation.  As my mother used to tell me:  "You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar".  This is the homespun truism that even "white trash" should be able to understand.

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Brenda Lucki [left] with Prime Minister Trudeau 
Lucki is the new Canadian RCMP Commissioner

Robin Mathews has written an excellent editorial about how the Canadian Mainstream Media perpetually and systemically lets Canadians down--by keeping them in the dark and showering them with drivel, distraction and disinformation.  He touches on some issues I have covered here on this blog...including the "BC Patsies" John Nuttall and Amanda Korody who have been held hostage to the Federal Governments' "interminable" appeal of their acquittal on charges of terrorism.  Here's his analysis in its entirety as it appeared in this mornings "The Straight Goods". GC

"People like Anna Maria Tremonti of CBC(IA) and Margaret Wente of ‘Canada’s National Newspaper’ (The Globe and Mail) are put in place - more and more people are coming to believe - to write and speak vivaciously, pointedly, colourfully about anything but the most serious issues facing Canada.  Experts on “Me Too”, the sexual equality battle, and what Ms. Wente calls “the victimhood culture”, the two follow the pack in the game of misleading Canadians.  “With spirit” … you might say… with colour … with imagination, they fill the information space (I say) with padding, “filler”, disinformation, ‘gingerbread’, dreck….

Their role … horrible as it may seem … is – (how to put it?) – to inform with ‘disinformation’ (which is distinct from “lies”, though in the same family).
And why shouldn’t they?  They are part of two of the biggest, richest, fully operative “information displacement” institutions in the nation, operating – some of us think – by special mandate from what might be called the inner authorities of “Imperial Globalization”.

Like all the others (too depressing to name) they fill the information spaces with gigantically irrelevant, heart-tugging, personalist … ‘Deep State Approved’ mush.  Their (has to be) idol … Justin Trudeau just demanded an international investigation of Israel government brutality undertaken in recent days … and then had Canada vote against just such an international investigation at the U.N.  That can only be called disinformation in action.

Anna Maria Tremonti, on Thursday, May 23, interviewed the new RCMP Commissioner, Brenda Lucki, first woman to be appointed permanent Commissioner of the RCMP.  The interview couldn’t have been more irrelevant if it had been conducted by Michael Enright on CBC’s Sunday Morning.

Some of the matters Ms. Tremonti didn’t touch upon … follow.
Brenda Lucki’s predecessor Bob Paulson retired early.  Why? Where is he now? He was Commissioner when the RCMP gathered the “evidence” to have 31 (thirty one!!) fake criminal charges laid against Senator Mike Duffy (2015-2016, on behalf, one supposes, of violations of Human Rights intended by Stephen Harper). ALL charges were thrown out! Lucki’s predecessor was also Commissioner when about 250 RCMP employees expended millions of tax dollars on a wholly fake Islamic Terrorist Event at B.C. legislature grounds on July 1, 2013, entrapping (B.C. Supreme Court Justice Catherine Bruce ruled) innocent Canadians and subjecting them to trial, judgement, incarceration, and worse…. [That case is now at interminable appeal].

That questionable kind of activity of the RCMP is a growing tradition about which Ms. Tremonti should have asked questions, putting them politely and directly and firmly to the new RCMP Commissioner, Brenda Lucki.

In a 136-day trial of Glen Clark, BC NDP premier in 2002, the RCMP fashioned 28 volumes of “evidentiary material” upon which to base the career-destroying case which (at the end of trial) Justice Elizabeth Bennett declared did not contain a shred of material to find Glen Clark guilty of any of the charges against him.  That trial occurred only a few years after (at the historically key, now submerged-from-history, so-called “Gustafsen Lake Stand Off”, B.C., 1995). At that event an RCMP officer was found, on a training film, declaring that “we are specialists in smear and disinformation….” The B.C. native people involved called for a Public Inquiry of the “smear and destroy” tactics (involving even the Canadian army) used against them at Gustafsen Lake … shouting … shouting … and shouting into a deep, empty well….

We know RCMP Commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli was forced out of the RCMP in 2006 for shady activities (and sent to a good job in Interpol).  We know his successor Wm. J.S. Elliott (in the tradition of wholly politically neutral appointees)  came directly from a Harper cabinet minister’s office – the first civilian named Commissioner.  We know that he was forced out of office by loud, internal complaints  … going to a more than $200,000.00 a year job and an $8000.00 a month apartment in New York, all paid for by the Canadian taxpayer. 

We know … Commissioner Bob Paulson in 2017… very quietly … and with no apparent big pay-off … slunk off into the shadows without Ms. Tremonti even thinking of doing an interview with him.  So much easier to talk to Brenda Lucki about the terrible, heinous, awful, unforgiveable, distressing, unkind, ungentlemanly behaviour of male RCMP officers towards their female associates than to talk about the possibility the RCMP is now a confirmed criminal organization employing, as Ralph Goodale, minister of public safety and emergency preparedness, has written  the “major crime technique” … whenever it is of use to government in power or to the forces of The Deep State.

The failure of Canadian information sources (the Mainstream Press and Media) to discuss publicly the increasingly serious possibility that the RCMP (from the top down) engages in criminal activity to support political policy reveals a terrible, destructive, betrayal of the most fundamental values of democratic society.

Canadian journalists like Anna Maria Tremonti and Margaret Wente, I would say, are not simply failing Canadians and Canadian democracy, they are associates in a deeply corrupt and malign operation to misinform, to mislead, and wholly to takeover the minds of Canadians in the service of falsehood and misrule. That is how I would describe their role and operation.  (Tell me I am wrong.) Oh Canada…."

Written by Robin Mathews

Friday, May 25, 2018

"Everybody Plays Games" Trump hints June 12th Meeting with NK may be "on again"

Yes, Everybody Plays games...

But on White House Stationery?

Beam Me Up Scottie!


Russia launches four missiles in salvo from nuclear submarine in test fire

UPDATED: BBC Lies Again - MH17 being used to distract from St Petersburg Economic Forum

MH17 Crash Site

UPDATED:  May 25, 2018 Since publishing this post this morning I have been doing a bit more research and have added several cogent links.  I am absolutely astounded at the eye-witness testimony out there of people who saw the plane tailed and hit by a military jet.  There are literally hundreds of people who insist they saw a military jet tailing MH17 and firing at it...yet the blather out of the BBC contradicts that.  The lies about the circumstances of this mass murder make me want to vomit!

Flight MH17 left Amsterdam on 17 July 2014, at a time when conflict between pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian forces was at its peak.

One of the saddest aspects of the MH17 mass murder is that, just like the victims of the 9/11 atrocity, its victims and their families keep on being denied justice.  The Neocon globalists, blood foaming from the corners of their mouths and dripping from their paws...keep digging up the corpses of these atrocities that they, themselves committed...and flinging the bones and rotted flesh at their enemy targets.

The BBC this morning is doing just that.  Timed to distract the sheeple from what is going on at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum...the "Voice of Satan" BBC has the headlines screaming on its front page...just under the Weinstein Rape Story...that Russia is deemed "liable" for shooting MH17 out of the sky on July 17, 2014.

Here is a snippet from the story and I will have more comments to follow:
"Australia and the Netherlands say they are holding Russia responsible for downing a Malaysia Airlines passenger jet in 2014.

All 298 people on board MH17, which was en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, died when it was shot down over rebel-held territory in Ukraine. On Thursday, Dutch-led international investigators concluded that the missile belonged to a Russian brigade.

Russia has denied any involvement in the plane's destruction.

Moscow's defence ministry said it "rejects the version of the Dutch investigators". It has previously insisted that none of its weapons were used to bring down MH17. The team of international investigators, however, found that "all the vehicles in a convoy carrying the missile were part of the Russian armed forces". It was fired from rebel-held territory in eastern Ukraine.

When it hit the Malaysia Airlines plane, it killed 193 Dutch nationals, 43 people from Malaysia, and 27 from Australia. Other victims came from countries including Indonesia, the UK, Belgium, Germany and the Philippine..."


Greencrow says: MH17 was one of the most poorly investigated mass casualty airline crashes in history.  Right from the get go, moments after the crash...when "Carlos" the Kiev air traffic controller tweeted or texted that there were "foreign agents" in the Air Traffic Control Tower at the time of and immediately following the shoot down...who collected all the recorded evidence....[we never found out the nationality of these "foreign agents"] and then "Carlos" disappeared...never to be seen or heard from again.

Then there was the BBC reporter who went to the crash site in Ukraine and interviewed some witnesses who saw MH17 being tailed by two fighter jets shortly before it exploded into flame and crashed.  This report was removed from the BBC and that reporter never heard from again.

BBC Video with Eye-witness interviews
deleted by BBC as being "too truthy" for TV

Then there were the witnesses who came to the crash site, saw the debris and bodies and said that some of the bodies looked as though they were "pre-dead" a state of advanced decomposition...with the typical "smell" etc.  Those witnesses' testimonies never made it to the final investigation report.

Then there were those witnesses who took photos of the debris of the aircraft and said that the "bullet holes" in the large pieces looked like they were caused by "air to air" shrapnel fire.

Eye Witness insists he saw jet attack Boeing BUT
Interviewer says "The Dutch are [only?] looking
for Witnesses who saw a BUK firing at MH17"

Then there was the insider information that disclosed that the pilot of one of the Ukraine air force jets that shot down MH17 was named such and such and gave some details about this young man.  Just recently we heard that this same individual committed suicide.  Hmmmmmm.

Yes, it would appear that the so-called "official investigation", conducted by the Australian and Netherlands is just as "shot full of holes" as were those shrapnel-straffed panels of photographed by the intrepid photographer witness.

But that doesn't matter anymore in this era of contrived, politicized "reality".  Nor does it matter that Russia, the targeted "perpetrator" of the atrocity wasn't even allowed to defend itself.  It was not allowed to submit its own evidence assembled by its military, based on radar and other forensic methodology....much too "truthy" for the tastes of the Aussies and Dutch....and their neocon handlers.

Thank Gawd that Russia has its own media...which has a very good reputation and more credibility in its little pinky fingernail...than the BBC has in its entire Satanic corpus. Here is a snippet from RT and I will have some final thoughts to follow:

Moscow has rejected any involvement in the crash of flight MH17 in Ukraine after the Netherlands and Australia declared Russia “responsible” for the deployment of a BUK missile system that downed the jet in 2014. Moscow neither accepts nor trusts the results of an international investigation into the MH17 crash as it was not allowed to take part in it, according to the Russian president’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

“Of course, without being able to be a full participant, Russia does not know to what extent the results of this work can be trusted," he said. Peskov echoed the position of the Russian president Vladimir Putin who earlier said that, although Ukraine was included in the probe, Russia was barred from participating in establishing the truth.

Asked if he can confirm that Russia vehemently denies any involvement in the MH17 downing, Peskov replied “absolutely.” Earlier on Friday, Amsterdam and Canberra said Russia is “responsible for its part in the downing of flight MH17” following a Thursday press conference of the Dutch-led International Investigation Team (JIT). The latter concluded that a BUK missile system from a Russian 53rd brigade was transported to eastern Ukraine and used to down the passenger plane with more than 300 people onboard. The system was then said to have returned to Russia.

However, the Russian military earlier said that not a single weapons system crossed the border.“The [Dutch] government is now taking the next step by formally holding Russia accountable,” Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Stef Blok said in a statement...."

Greencrow summarizes:  It's highly appropriate that Australia was involved in fabricating this "Kangaroo court" of an investigation. Now we just need to find out what was in it for the Dutch.  It's quite obvious, especially after the recent "Skripal affair". That the "gifted fabricators" in M16 must have been involved in some of the more egregious lies.  Now that the victims have again been dug out of their shallow grave and their bones flung around for the political purpose of smearing Russia and distracting from the St. Petersburg Forum...perhaps they will smother the whole tragedy again under one of their "D-memos"....until the next time.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Trump Wimps Out of Meeting With North Korean Leader

Trump and Kim

According to the BBC

Trump cancels Kim summit amid North Korea 'hostility'

Basically, what happened here is Trump has abdicated from the Presidency of USrael.  The job description of the position of President includes as a priority: "Meeting with Foreign Leaders and developing policy and agreements with same".

Keep in mind, Trump [this time] did not back out of an agreement...he backed out of a meeting for the purpose of exploring whether or not any agreement could be reached.  How pathetic is that?  He can't even MEET with a foreign leader????  Moon of Alabama in his post of this morning, goes into detail on why Trump cancelled the meeting.

So, Trump insulted Kim "Rocket Man, etc." then Kim insulted Trump...then a meeting was arranged.  Then Trump insulted Kim "Libya model" and Kim insulted Trump [Pence is "stupid"] then Trump cancelled the meeting...using the latest insult as a pretext.

The real reason, as I explored in a recent post is that Trump is totally incapable of reaching an agreement with anyone.  He's not even mandated to reach an agreement with, say "The Marshall Islands", "Palau" or, say "Canada" [all countries with the same amount of international clout].

But the good news is that now North Korea is free to pursue its ongoing détente with South Korea...minus having to take into consideration the "elephant in the living room" i.e., the several huge US military bases located in South Korea.  Both North and South Korea can continue to real leaders do....and formulate a unification agreement.  This agreement will be mentored and fostered by their neighbours in the region...China and Russia. This mentorship has been going on for some months now...ever since a delegation of North Korean leaders met with Putin in Moscow last September.

So, without any further ado, North and South Korea will become the populations of both countries desperately want...and North Korea will be involved in the trade and pipeline routes that are planned for the area.  North Korea's trove of "rare earth metals" will then be at the disposal of China and Russia....not USrael.

The USrael military bases will become cut off from the blood flow of purpose or legitimacy and the gangrenous appendages on the body of South Korea that they already are--these decaying relics of the Korean War will become so putrefied that eventually they will just fall off.  That's the future of the area.

That is....unless...wait for it.....USrael can start a war in the region.  Due to the abdication of any legitimate mentioned in the first paragraph of this post...the inmates now running the asylum--like John Bolton--are more likely than ever to do just that.  False Flags R US!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

BBC "Voice of Satan" Winning Propaganda War to Soften Up Public for Next Middle East Killing Field in Syria

Reporter mentions MI6 involvement
in Rendition and Torture

From Aletho News

The above video is one of those rare glimpses into seeing how the dark or deep state works in action.  Here was a reporter talking about the government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain having a security agency [M16] program that involves rendition and torture.  The reporter is cut off the air just as he mentions the connection between rendition, torture and the government.

The other evening my husband and sister were watching a "Fifth Estate" show on TV that was about Syria's president, Bashar al Assad having a long history in torturing opponents of his government.  They wanted me to watch it: "Come and Watch it!  It's got photos and everything!" they said.

Fifth Estate - Smuggling evidence of Assad's
torture out of Syria

Of course, I refused to watch it. I stood at the doorway of the TV Room and said:  "Call me when they get to the part where US General Gina Haspel is "enjoying" watching torture and then gets confirmed as head of the CIA by the US Government!"

The Sheeple always see everything in isolation.  They never connect the dots.  Later, I said to my husband and my sister:  'You know you are being set up?  Don't you?  You are being set up by the government to condone the upcoming attack on Syria and the public killing of its duly elected leader...Bashar al Assad.  Just like Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Moummar Gadhafi of Libya before him.  There are huge US aircraft carriers at anchor in the Mediterranean just off the coast of Syria...just waiting for an order or some kind...or a "false flag" to start the war.  This war will destroy Syria just like Iraq was destroyed, just like Libya was destroyed.  But you will never see the similarities between the demonization of Hussein and Gadhafi that saturated the TV channels prior to those attacks and this TV show demonizing Assad."

They both looked at me deer caught in the headlights...or sheep being led up a ramp to the slaughter.  No clue.  No clue...just like those viewers of the BBC show above...who accepted at face value the reporter being abruptly cut off the air and the censorship ascribed to "technical difficulties".

But if you want a glimmer of hope in this sad the comments below the Fifth Estate video above.  The people who made most of the comments are sentient beings who base their opinions on evidence...not simply what they are told by "official" authorities.  They are capable of connecting dots.  They understand what is going on.  That is the only hope we have...that there is a solid [if minority] foundation of sentient beings keeping an eye on geopolitical events...understanding the big picture, connecting the dots and able to speak out.  It is this small but relentless tide of humanity that's holding back the aircraft carriers from attack.  It is these Fifth Estate TV shows and all the other M$M propaganda deluge that are meant to soften up the force and effect of the small oppositional tide....

It is sad but true...the vast majority of North Americans and Westerners (Atlanticists) are totally under the thrall of Deep State Agents/Official Story the "Voice of Satan" BBC above.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Canadian Newz Update: "....the political depth of a finger bowl" PM thinks he can work NAFTA deal with US

finger bowl

What is that definition of insanity again?  Oh yes, "Repeating the same action over and over again, expecting different results."  That definition would apply to le Dauphin in his never-ending effort, along with Mexico, to come to a new NAFTA agreement with the Trump government.

Trudeau's political acumen was accurately assessed by former Harper Government Cabinet Minister Jason Kenny in an op-ed the other day.  Please read the snippet from the National Post and I'll have more comments to follow:

“I worked with dozens of MPs in Ottawa, including (opposition) critics who were thoughtful, intelligent, engaged people with whom I had a constructive relationship. He wasn’t one of them,” [Jason] Kenney said Wednesday.

“(Trudeau) is a person that I worked with as a minister for three years who I got to know quite well as somebody who has difficulty with complex files, and I think (Trans Mountain) is a very complex issue.” 
In a Calgary Sun column published Wednesday, Kenney was quoted attacking Trudeau’s ability to resolve a dispute that has delayed construction on the Trans Mountain pipeline, which would triple the amount of Alberta oil flowing to tankers in B.C. Trudeau doesn’t have “the foggiest idea what’s going on,” Kenney said in the column.
“I know Justin. He doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing. This guy is an empty trust-fund millionaire who has the political depth of a finger bowl,” he is quoted as saying.

“He can’t read a briefing note longer than a cocktail napkin, OK.

Greencrow says:  Trudeau and his cabinet are trying to work two very complex deals at the of them the inter-provincial dispute between Alberta and British Columbia over the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion and the other one a new NAFTA agreement.  Neither set of negotiations is going well. Here are some recent headlines about how the NAFTA negotiations are going:

Trudeau says a NAFTA deal is getting hung up on Washington's demand for a sunset clause

PM explained Canada's opposition to a NAFTA expiry date in real estate terms


'Nowhere near close:' U.S. rebuffs Trudeau hope for quick NAFTA deal

U.S. trade czar Robert Lighthizer cites 'gaping differences' after Trudeau says a 'good deal' is on the table

Greencrow:  It's definitely NOT rocket science. I can say quite assuredly here and now that there will NEVER be a new NAFTA agreement. NEVER!  Any idiot can figure that one out.  Why?  Because the US government under the Trump Administration (but probably it would be the same under ANY administration) is non compos mentis.  Or, as the Russians is "not agreement capable".  I have spelled this out at length in several previous posts but, for the sake of the "hard of reading" will repeat myself ad nauseam.  The United States has, for economic reasons, set itself up as "the exceptional" state.  It does not adhere to treaties or international agreements because that would infer that there is such a thing as "international law" that governs its behaviour.  Since it is above the cannot subject or submit itself to legal restrictions of any type.  That is why it regularly breaks the Articles/Resolutions of the United show the world that they don't apply to the USrael.  Similarly, that is why Israel regularly breaks the Geneva Conventions AND the Articles/Resolutions  of the United Nations.

There WAS a time when the United States of Israel could AFFORD to pretend to submit to Trade Agreements and International Laws.  Those days are now past.  USrael has spent itself into a hole and the only way it can dig itself out is by pretending that it has the RIGHT to rape and pillage all over the world...and to trample on the economies of even so-called allies.

I have to laff.  Trudeau and his cabinet of clowns only have to look around the world to see evidence that they will NEVER reach a deal with the US.  Look at North Korea.  Look at what the bozo Bolton said on TV a week or so ago about applying the "Libya" model to its negotiations with North Korea.  Here is a snippet from Moonofalabama about "Trumps threat of total decimation of North Korea makes a deal impossible".

During a press conference yesterday he was asked about the "Libya model" issue (vid) and, in a seemingly off the cuff remark, managed to push the divisive comparison to a new level:
“The model, if you look at that model with Gaddafi, that was a total decimation. We went in there to beat him. Now that model would take place if we don’t make a deal, most likely. But if we make a deal, I think Kim Jong-un is going to be very, very happy.”

One might call that the 'art of the mafia deal': "Sign here or I will kill you."

Some media pretend that Trump was only "assuring" Kim Jong-un. Reuters headlined Trump seeks to placate North Korea's Kim over uncertain summit; the New York Times: Trump and North Korea Rebuff Bolton’s ‘Libya Model’; Politico: Trump offers North Korea’s Kim assurances and a warning.

In my book a thread of "total decimation" is a quite a bit more than "a warning".

The British Guardian had a more realistic take: Donald Trump's threat to Kim Jong-un: make a deal or suffer same fate as Gaddafi.

The threat Trump made shows North Korea that it was right to acquire nuclear weapons and the capability to launch them onto the continental United States. Giving them up would be suicidal.

Trump also mumbled that he would give "strong assurances" to North Korea and Kim Jong-un for their safety should they make a deal. He did not explain what those assurances would be. The way Trump destroyed the nuclear agreement with Iran, which came with "strong assurances" from a U.S president and a UN Security Council endorsement, demonstrates that no assurance the U.S. ever gives is worth the paper it is written on.

Greencrow says: All of the efforts of the United States of Israel are taken up with fomenting instability, regime change and worldwide conflict leading to WWIII.  The Trump administration, caught in a spiral of economic collapse that they believe can only be halted by a World War...have no time or energy to sincerely and/or seriously negotiate a deal.  They can only break deals.  That is the only mandate that has been given to them by the "deep state".  They are terrified of the growing global coalescing of support for China's "One Belt, One Road" initiative.  That is the time bomb tick-tocking in the background of all their international communications.  Here is Mike Whitney's recent assessment:

" wouldn’t surprise me if Washington’s deep state powerbrokers are more concerned about the proposed [pan Asian] regional free trade zone, than they are about the North’s nuclear weapons. In order for the US to be a major player in the most populous and prosperous region in the world, it must implement its “pivot to Asia” strategy that controls China’s explosive growth and prevents the emergence of an economic or military rival. The so called “Putin Plan” for vast economic integration is a direct threat to Washington’s dream of maintaining its dominant position in the global economy. If successfully implemented, the Putin Plan will greatly accelerate the pace of imperial decline...."

Greencrow: As stated, the only genuine initiative that USrael is engaged in is global de-stabilization...aimed at Russia, China and their allies with a view to provoking WWIII and somehow, like the alchemists of ancient times, forging gold out of iron or brass. Or, as they say...bringing "Order out of Chaos". Hey, it "worked" twice previously...World War I set the stage for the Israeli 'regime--which was born out of you can't blame the globalist, Ziofascist warmongers for wanting a threepeat.

According to this analysis in the off-guardian...the War on Afghanistan was a preparation for an eventual attack on Russia and a "spanner in the works" of the Belt and Road Initiative that Russia and China are working toward which, if successful...could transform the world the same way that the travels of Marco Polo and the trade routes thus formed ultimately transformed Europe. The BRI or the New Silk Road or whatever you want to call it...promises to transform world trade not only in Asia but all over the world. If Canada weren't led by such an utter dolt, Canada could now be playing a pivotal role in extending the trade route across North America. This would transform Canada's north and be the potential salvation of the indigenous peoples of northern Canada....who are currently languishing under the not-so-benign neglect of the Trudeau "make voluminous apologies to all and sundry...but don't deliver on financial promises" pathetic administration.

The community of Pagnirtung, a hamlet of about 1,400 surrounded by mountains, glaciers and ocean had 12 suicide attempts over two weeks last February after a year without a suicide.Andrew Seymour / The Ottawa Citizen 

Greencrow summarizes: For evidence of the crisis the Canadian north is currently in, please read this report from the National Post about Nunavut in Crisis--"Arctic communities plea for resources to deal with suicide-violence". If "le Dope-fiend" didn't have a poker stuck up his @$$ when it comes to Putin and Russia...if he really cared about Canada's north...he would save one of his putrid apologies for Putin, for gratuitously dissing him/Russia ever since he [Trudeau] came to power. This, contrary to his election promise to Canadians to "reset" international relations. Justin would get down on his knees and beg Putin to let Canada in on the Belt and Road Initiative....which would save Canada's North and Canada's sovereignty in one fell swoop. It should be clear that Trump's scuttling of NAFTA was a yet another backdoor effort in the relentless march towards "Harmonization" and a North American Union. But the clueless Le Dope-fiend dangerously [for Canada's sovereignty...such as it is] hitched his political star to the economic basket case/Ponzi scheme south of the border. As Jason Kenny astutely surmised...Trudeau doesn't have the political depth of a finger order to extricate himself/Canada out from the hand-basket ride to hell that USrael is now on.

My blogging colleague, Northerntruthseeker has a post up today about the mess that Trump has got USrael in vis a vis breaking the JCPOA multi-nation treaty with Iran. This is an absolute case in point in support of my argument that USrael is non compos mentis. Now Drumpf, as NTS calls talking about a 12 point "Jumbo" deal with Iran.  Who can assure Iran...or anyone in the entire world...for that matter...that the USrael would keep a "Jumbo" deal any more that it kept the JCPOA deal that it took Obama four years to arrive at?  The Trump administration has been in a free fall of internal crisis and chaos ever since taking office.  Trump will probably be impeached and/or removed from office long before the signing of any so-called "Jumbo" deal....or any deal, with Korea, Iran OR Canada/Mexico.

So...only a complete fool would seriously negotiate with an entity that insults would-be treaty partners like Drumpf is doing to North Korea ["Libya model"] and Iran ["Jumbo 12 point impossible deal]. Only a complete fool, you say? Step right up Trudeau. Keep on banging Canada's head against the brick wall of Ziofascist warmongering globalism. My fingers are getting tired of typing this depressing crap...somebody....get me a "finger bowl".