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Notice to Readers

Notice to Readers

Hi Everyone:

Just letting you know that my computer finally crashed on Monday,after deteriorating in function for some weeks.  Yesterday I took it to the computer technician at Staples where I bought it.  The same gentleman who sold it to me, "Hussein" told me he sees this situation about four times per week.  Someone comes in and tells him the same story...that their "Outlook" and "Word" evaporated from their hard drive and when they tried to fix it themselves, they were invited "by Microsoft" to buy a new edition.  When they clicked on a few links...things got progressively worse.

This is what happened to me...Hussein told me it is a common scam.  He says that the first four links that come up when you search "Microsoft" on Google are not "Microsoft" at all but scammers who will infect your computer. These scammers have the ability to "encrypt" your Outlook e-mails which is what he says has happened to mine.  He says he doesn't know if he will be able to get them back but he has to back up all my work and completely wipe my hard drive and then download all the material back onto the computer.  

I'm wondering...if Google is so all powerful that it can control and manipulate all the algorhythims on Google, why can't it detect and delete the scammer's links?  Why are THEY at the top of the Google list when you search for "Microsoft"?

Anyhoooooooo...I'm typing on my husband's computer as my laptop will  be in the shop for about three days.  If it's any longer than that I will keep you posted.


Monday, March 19, 2018

CawRANT Events #63

CawRANT Events #63

Good Morning, Everybody!  It is a cloudy/sunny Spring day in the Pacific North West.  Outside my front window I can see my daffodil buds just about to open.  If all goes well, I should have a bumper crop of daffodils, crocus and hyacinths this year.  My CawRANT is a week late this time.  I should have published it last Monday, according to tradition, but last week was so chock-a-block full of newz stories that deserved their own post that I relegated my Caw RANT to this week.  There is still a torrent of crucial and critical stories so, let's get started.

Canadian Newz

My first story is about BC news. Apparently, the Canadian Revenue Agency ...the equivalent of the US's IRA...has a scandal brewing within one of the offices of its bureaucracy which stretches from coast to coast.  In a Nanaimo, BC CRA office there was an investigation into a situation where the CEO of the office decided for reasons of his own harass and prosecute a couple in Nanaimo who had a restaurant business.  Read the story at this CBC link.  

"Canada Revenue Agency must pay nearly $1.7 million for suppressing evidence in tax evasion case...

'Unprofessional glee'

Punnett said the case suggested "an unfortunate culture within the CRA."

He pointed to a primary report which cited the fact the agency hadn't prosecuted a restaurant or nightclub in Nanaimo as rationale to go ahead with the charges.

He also highlighted an email exchange in which a CRA investigative team leader pointed to press coverage by saying: "Front page of Wednesday's Nanaimo Daily News. I can't wait to read the edition after the guilty verdict....."

The reason I find this story newsworthy is the report's assessment of" unfortunate culture within the CRA." IMO, this is the same culture which has been allowed to breed, like locusts in all the governmental offices all over the West...from the White House to the UK parliament to the Canadian Tax gathering administration. Note, of course, that the taxpayer will be footing the $1.7 million dollar penalty. It is high time that the individuals involved shouldered some of the responsibility and were personally dinged in the pocket book for these high crimes...or served prison time. Unless and until the concept of personal "responsibility" is resurrected and activated...we are, IMO, doomed as a civilization. It may already be too late. But more about that later.

On March 1st, 2018 the World learned that the "Arms Race" had been turned on its head

Last week, the world was still reeling from Putin's earth shattering announcement that Russia has, on a shoestring budget, designed and built not one, not two, but several new weapons...each one of which vastly outstrips anything that the US or its vassals has to offer in the way of earthly self-immolation. What was the response from the West? The West is still going through the five stages of grief, starting with "denial" as exemplified in this report from "The Guardian" and analyzed by

In this piece Mark’s taking the ‘Nowheresville’ tack with added and cringe worthy willy jokes.

He tells us the weapons Putin talked about might sound “terrifying” but that’s ok because they probably won’t work (you know, much like the F-35), and anyhow, the animations in the presentation were “clunky”, and gee gosh, it’s all so frickin funny. Except (abrupt change of take in para 4) it is actually quite a “serious” shopping list that (no discernible irony) “go[es] against the letter or spirit of arms control treaties”. But then, just as abruptly, (para 5) it’s funny again, because…
It is easy to wonder, with a snigger, quite for what Putin is (over)compensating.
In case his sledgehammer wit is too subtle for you, Mark means Putin has a small penis. Yes, apparently he really thinks this comment says more about Putin’s manhood than about Mark Galeotti and his imbecilic reductionism."


No matter how the alternative media tried to nudge the West through the primitive stage of "denial" as in this Duran piece:

"Putin’s message couldn’t be clearer: The West needs to stop provoking a war we don’t want & which no one can win

Putin is trying to wake them up to the reality that if things don’t change nuclear war is a near certainty

...the official denial continued...and slowly morphed into "anger". But, because the liars in the Main$ream media cannot admit even what they are angry at...for fear of showing their vulnerabilities...they presented their anger in the form of an evidence-free attack on Russia. Accusing it of poisoning a former British spy and current M-16 asset who was supposedly (we don't even have proof of this) sitting with his daughter on a Salisbury park bench. No more evidence was produced but a few photos of police, supposedly exposing themselves to the virulent poison but showing no effects...milling around a park bench.

All of this blunderbuss explosion of lies coming out of UK was carefully timed to screw with the Russian Federal Election. It was even admitted by the CBC that the hope was to distract and produce a blanket of apathy smothering the Russian voters. Well, if that was the pre-text to destroy the reputation for quality jurisprudence, democracy and journalism [sic] in the UK then it was, like everything else the west has tried in an effort to bring Russia down recently, an abject failure. To wit:

According to Russia’s central election commission, Putin won 76.67% of the vote after 99.8 percent of ballots were counted. No serious complaints about violations have been registered.

Not according the lying Western media...which made up out of whole cloth providing no witnesses or evidence...the canard that the election was fraught with fraud.

This morning we find that the West has redoubled its efforts to stop Russia in its economic somehow pressuring Europe to block the building of the nord stream gasline...after all, this is mostly what it's all about, dontcha know. Europe needs to satisfy itself with expensive and environmentally destructive (to North America) North American gas...shipped expensively to Europe rather than the much cheaper Russian gas. The otherwise entirely impotent US representatives even wrote a letter about it:


“We write to express our concern about the continuing development of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that would carry natural gas from Russia to Germany. We oppose Nord Stream 2 and urge the administration to utilize all of the tools at its disposal to prevent its construction,” lawmakers wrote in a letter to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan, as cited by Sputnik.

The letter, first seen by the Washington Examiner, warns the US government over probable monopolization of European energy markets. According to 39 US senators who signed the document, the project, implemented by Russia’s state-run firm Gazprom and its partners, represents a setback in Europe’s attempts to diversify its gas supplies. The pipeline allegedly makes the US more susceptible to Russian coercion and influence.

“For too long, European nations have been held hostage to Russian political pressure on a whole host of issues due to their dependence on Gazprom to deliver gas needed to keep their people warm throughout the winter,” the letter reads.

“The best way to guarantee Europe’s long-term economic health and independence is to enable and support investment in a variety of energy sources, suppliers, and routes to meet Europe’s needs and to force Gazprom to negotiate as a market actor and not a monopolist....,”

Yes, this is what I call the "enveloping din from hell" Western technique of political destruction of the opposition. A cacophony of blistering lies, threats and invectives, rise up like demons from the underworld and, as one, surround and attack the victim. Putin might have his missiles and other secret weapons...but the West has Satan and his hellish fellow demons.

It's all up to Putin to get rid of OUR DEMONS????!!!

At this point I have to comment that a blogger I admire, in fact two Americans bloggers that I admire more than any other, Paul Craig Roberts and Stephen Lendman...continuously say that Putin is too soft. He should strike back "in kind" against the verbal and political slings and arrows of the West. This criticism rings a bit hollow to me. It's easy for us armchair warriors to say the only entity that is opposing the demons is not striving hard enough. I need to point out to Paul and to Stephen that there is NO elected politician either in the United States or the UK who is fighting against the diabolical ones. NONE! Here we encounter that irritating word "responsibility" again. Where is the moral responsibility in the United States [USrael] or the UK? From now on, I suggest that Roberts and Lendman have a proviso with each of their posts critical of Putin for not being "more aggressively oppositional" that their countries have NO opposition!

The Din from Hell

And some might say that I am being too dramatic in my depiction of Putin's enemies as Satanic, demonic and a "din from hell". Well, friends, in point of fact I am being too kind, too weak, too wishy washy. 

Who, else but Satanic demons would do this? Send gestapo-type soldiers to a Palestinian child's home in the middle of the night...terrorize his family, arrest the boy, drag him out of bed...take him to their police station, keep him up all night under interrogation and force him to sign a confession to...wait for it...having lied about the circumstances under which a chunk of his brain had been recently blown from his head. They forced him to say the obvious injury [his head is caved in on one side] was a "bicycle accident" all the while medical records and eye witness testimony say it was an Israeli bullet, fired at close range.

This young Palestinian is the cousin of the imprisoned 17 year old girl, Ahed Tamimi...who is being accused of slapping an Israeli soldier who entered her house one hour after a chunk of her cousin's brain had been shot out of his head.

Jewish Settler sets Attack Dog Loose on 
Palestinian Sheep - Dog tears off Sheep's Tail
and bites another Sheep in the Face.
Bidness as Usual

Still have doubts about the devils? Well, watch the above video. This shows satan himself unleashing a pitt bull attack dog on a herd of sheep. The dog bites off one of the sheeps' tail and does serious injury of the face of another sheep. All this done by a settler/Satan....who is on land stolen from the Palestinians. STILL think I'm over-reacting in calling the small, borderless entity of Israel Satanic?

Israeli parole board orders early release of soldier jailed for fatal shooting
Read this next story wherein an Israeli parole board orders early release of this soldier jailed for a fatal shooting of a Palestinian:

The face of Satan

This file photo taken on July 30, 2017 shows Israeli soldier Elor Azaria (C), who shot dead a wounded Palestinian man in March 2016, standing next to his mother Oshra (L) and father Charlie during a hearing at a military court in Tel Aviv. (Photo by AFP)

Murder charges were brought against Azaria after video footage, recorded by a Palestinian rights activist, emerged showing him killing Sharif on March 24, 2016.

Palestinian Abdel Fattah al-Sharif lies on the ground following a fatal shooting in the occupied southern West Bank city of al-Khalil (Hebron) on March 24, 2016. (Photo by Ma’an news agency)

The Israeli soldier walked up to the injured Palestinian man and, without waiting for any orders from his commander, calmly shot the Palestinian in the head, killing him in front of the Palestinian citizens nearby. Now the murderer is getting off early for "good behavior? Think about it folks? How will that insult traumatize the Palestinians further? How much more can they take? How much more can the world take of this? If Putin ever does set off his missile Kinzhal which is "dagger" in Russian...I know exactly where it should be aimed...right at the heart of Darkness.

Finally, some good news from the world of birds

Whenever the geopolitical events and endless crises get me down...I retreat to the wonderful world of birds. I go out for a walk in the woods with my three dogs and a pocket full of peanuts. The neighborhood crows see me leaving my yard and set up a cawing that can be heard for blocks. She's started on her walk! They fly above me like a jet formation in a Russian air show, occasionally swooping and diving to keep me aware of their presence and interest in...what I have in my pocket. I stop at the bridge with the iron railing and count the crows waiting, only inches away in the nearby branches. Five? Then I carefully balance exactly five peanuts on the iron railing and step away. The senior crow goes first...gingerly picking off the peanuts, stuffing two or three in his beak. This is a precious moment for me because, due to the logistics, I get to stare directly into the birds' eyes at eye level. There is a very heavy silent communication of trust going on.


My final insight for this morning is the eternal value of trust. Trust is what makes the world go around. Putin is the master of trust. This morning, Assad congratulated Putin on his electoral victory and ascribed his landslide vote of confidence correctly as a reward for the trust he has earned.

Canuck The Crow
His Best Side

Ending on a positive note, here's an update on Vancouver's star crow..."Canuck the Crow". Apparently he's gaining fame...even in the Big Apple.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Russian Trolls cause Hillary to slip---into a video meme

Hillary in India
At least She's Not dressed like
a Bollywood Movie Actor

Sometimes things get so bad all you can do is laugh.  Russia, thank God, has an excellent national sense of humour.  Something USrael and its vassal states sorely lack.  Here we have a video that has been definitively attributed to....wait for it....RUSSIAN TROLLS.  Have a good Sunday, folks!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Despite the Morally Bankrupt West's Reputational Attacks...Russia keeps eye on the ball - Winning Syria

Syrian child being evacuated out of Ghouta, Syria

Today is a national election day in Russia.  In the build-up to this event over the past week or so, the morally bankrupt and criminally insane West has launched an unprecedented propaganda, dysinfo effort to disrupt the event.  The obvious goal is to try and provoke voter apathy in Russia so that Putin will not get the overwhelming vote of support from Russian citizens that he deserves and needs to meet the challenges ahead.  It is exactly the kind of electoral interference that the West is hypocritically and falsely railing against in Washington.

The Russian government and Russian citizens absolutely must focus instead on their outstanding military victory against abject evil that has and is taking place in Syria.  This is why the West is literally "frothing at the mouth" and in a frenzy to derail the success of Putin and Russia against them.  When you think about what happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and many other countries...scorched earth, cities laid waste, millions of deaths and failed nations it is only by a miracle that Syria has far.

Eastern Ghouta, Syria...the Handiwork of
the West...It's what they doooooooo

It was labeled for destruction as a stepping stone to the destruction of Iran...but something happened on the way to the genocidal circus planned for Syria and Iran.

Low and behold, Syrian cities with their citizens long held to ransom, kidnapped by the Western proxy terrorists have been steadily liberated by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah.

Citizens, free to escape, crowd the dusty roadways with their meager belongings in the child photographed above, and their livestock.  This is what the Russians and their supporters all over the world should be focusing on...not the slings and arrows of the perps and their mockingbird press.

The "Go Away and Shut Up" British Plot against Russia

Honestly, anyone who gives a micro-milliliter of credence to the Skripal Scandal is an absolute dolt.  This is what Assange so eloquently described as the West's best [and perhaps only] effective weapon nowadays.  It's ability to rise up its bought and paid for press in a cacophony of mendacious verbal assault and accusation...surrounding the victim in a din which can only be equated with the sounds that surely must come out of hell.

It clearly illuminates the true opinion of human and democratic values held by the perps.  The presumption of innocence?  The right to a fair trial?  Even the right of Habeas Corpus...the cornerstone of human rights established in the Magna Carta centuries ago is tossed to the winds and splintered in a thousand flashes of light sucked into the engulfing dark vortex of tyranny. 

The great and somber legal pronouncements of centuries of Law Lords in Great Britain who literally and over centuries established the foundations of legal principles that guide the justice system in all civilized nations have now been smothered and strangled in their cradle by the mewling words of a low level political scum.."Go Away and Shut Up".

It's only due to divine providence that Western civilization has a great soldier fighting to save it...and that this leader has a "personal scum line".  As my blogging colleague Ed(itor) pointed out to me in an e-mail  just yesterday....


"Putin's personal scum line

"....Putin’s is the old (now seven days?) warning about the hypersonic missile and the fact that Russia would not fail to retaliate if attacked. Metaphorically, he lay down a line in the sand … “drove his picket pin”, to use the phraseology from Derrick Jensen’s many works (“Endgame”, I think), in which he stated that an individual has to know where his cut-off line about life in this world is.  Another author who expressed a similar thing called it one’s personal scum line

For each of us, there is some level below which we must not sink,
or else we lose all respect for ourselves.
~ Laurence Gonzales, describing the Personal Scum Line

In Surviving Survival, The Art and Science of Resilience, Laurence Gonzales details case study after case study of folks like you and me who have survived extraordinary life threats...The lessons in Gonzalez’ books must be made known to everyone."


So, the scumlord moths flit ever closer to the "scum line" flame...taunting and provoking. ANYTHING to divert from the failure of their latest effort to destroy and loot a nation. Everyone with brain that has the ability of critical thought knows what they're up to. Lavrov laid it on the line here.

Putin causes Florida Bridge to collapse - Multiple deaths

The mockingbird media continues its frenzy of accusing Russia of everything, including leaving the toilet seat up. It's surprising that none of the corporate presstitutes have accused Putin of causing the Florida bridge to collapse...wait for's coming. Just a matter of time.

But as I said previously, Russia and her supporters owe it to humanity NOT to be distracted by the vaudeville burlesque. NO! THIS is what all the lies and kafuffle in the UK/USrael is desperately trying to distract from.....

Emotional video of Syrian soldier liberating his own mother from East Ghouta Terrorists

watch the video at this link...where the Syrian Army and its allies, including the RUSSIANS enabled this mother to hug her soldier son again. He was one of the Syrian forces who liberated Ghouta from the USrael proxy militants.

Today, Sunday, on what surely is a very temporary lull in the "horrible end versus the endless horror" action going on in Syria, we receive a credible report that the Morally Bankrupt West is planning yet another chemical attack on Syrian Civilians as a pretext for more air strikes against the legitimate government of Syria and possibly a WWIII escalation attack on Syria's Russian, Iranian and Hezbollah allies.

Here is the report from RT and I will have final thoughts to follow:


"Russia’s Defense Ministry says “US instructors” are training militants to stage false flag chemical attacks in south Syria. The incidents are said to be a pretext for airstrikes on Syrian government troops and infrastructure.
“We have reliable information at our disposal that US instructors have trained a number of militant groups in the vicinity of the town of At-Tanf, to stage provocations involving chemical warfare agents in southern Syria,” Russian General Staff spokesman General Sergey Rudskoy said at a news briefing on Saturday.
“Early in March, the saboteur groups were deployed to the southern de-escalation zone to the city of Deraa, where the units of the so-called Free Syrian Army are stationed.
They are preparing a series of chemical munitions explosions. This fact will be used to blame the government forces. The components to produce chemical munitions have been already delivered to the southern de-escalation zone under the guise of humanitarian convoys of a number of NGOs.”
The planned provocations will be widely covered in the Western media and will ultimately be used as a pretext by the US-led coalition to launch strikes on Syria, Rudskoy warned.
“The provocations will be used as a pretext by the United States and its allies to launch strikes on military and government infrastructure in Syria,” the official stated.
“We’re registering the signs of the preparations for the possible strikes. Strike groups of the cruise missile carriers have been formed in the east of the Mediterranean Sea, Persian Gulf and Red Sea.”
Another false flag chemical attack is being prepared in the province of Idlib by the “Al-Nusra Front terrorist group, in coordination with the White Helmets,” Rudskoy warned. The militants have already received 20 containers of chlorine to stage the incident, he said.
Moscow and Damascus have repeatedly warned about upcoming chemical provocations, and have highlighted that banned warfare agents have been used by the militants. Earlier this week, Syrian government forces reportedly captured a well-equipped chemical laboratory in Eastern Ghouta. Footage from the facility has been published by the SANA news agency. The installation contained modern industrial-grade hardware of foreign origins, large amounts of chemical substances as well as crude homemade munitions and their parts."

Yes, the evil ones saw the child above, being salvaged out of the rubble of yet another middle east city destroyed by USrael. They gnashed their teeth and doubled down. No more life! We demand death! But Russia needs to focus now more than ever on its successes--every child, every man and woman, every sheep, goat and dog that is saved from the West's blood-soaked fangs and claws--is a wondrous victory, a miraculous beacon of hope for humanity and the planet...far outstripping all the slings, arrows, lies and dung of reputational attacks the West can fling at it.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Greencrow Gives an Art Therapy Class

Greencrow Gives an Art Therapy Class

Hello Readers.  Today I'm giving an art class...actually a video Art Therapy Class for followers of current geopolitics.  Please view the above video and Enjoy!

UPDATE:  My blogging colleague, Ed(itor) who hails from the vineyard State of Connecticut

Connecticut State Flag

...has just provided this link for those who are unable to make their own...but still want Russian flag lapel pins:

...and an even more thrilling rendition of the Russian National Anthem...with Putin and 130,000 Russians singing:

Putin Sings the Russian National Anthem

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Is Canada Playing "Useful Idiot" in Deep State Destabilization/Regime Change Project Against India?

This is a Leader of a Federal Canadian
Political Party?  Beam Me UP Scottie!!!

Today, as we read in the Main$tream Media Newz that US Ambassador to the UN, Nikky Haley is "laying down the groundwork for WWIII" with her trademark false accusations, inflammatory threats and aspersions.... we have to really look closer at the "Sikh" Phenomenon in Western Politics. Nikky Haley is a product of the Sikh culture and has shown nothing but distain for Western Institutions, specifically the United Nations, and flouted every principle, tradition and mores of International Law ever since she burst on the scene with the Trump administration. So has the individual above, Jagmeet Singh, who more closely resembles a jihadi terrorist than a Canadian federal politician.  It is long past time we ask ourselves...what is this group of relatively recent immigrants to North America up to?  Let's look closer at the above Sikh...Canadian Federal New Democratic Party Leader, Jagmeet Singh.  There have been some interesting revelations in the past couple of days,  Nobody knew this when he was running for the NDP leadership but, apparently, in June of 2015 he spoke at a rally for a Sikh independence from India.

What follows is an entire article cut and pasted from Canada's Globe and Mail Newspaper.  I included the entire article because it's very important to see how this seemingly recent development on the Canadian political horizon is actually a carefully constructed plot...which has been set up for years.  The Trudeau's recent disastrous trip to India...where he "inadvertently" offended the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi by catering to these extremists...was not an accident...rather it is just the latest chapter in the setting up of Canada to be the "useful idiot" in a standard operation Deep State plot to bring instability and "regime change", this time to of the BRICS nations in the orbit of "enemy du jour", Russia.

In a summary at the end of this post I will speculate about WHY this has happened.  In the meantime, it is important to note with optimism that India was not caught off guard by this plot and the plotters are no longer flying "under the radar" as is shown in the following report:


"NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh took part in a separatist Sikh homeland rally in San Francisco in June of 2015 that venerated a violent Sikh religious leader who was killed in the Indian army assault on the Golden Temple in 1984.

Mr. Singh, then an NDP member of the Ontario Legislature, was invited to speak at a “sovereignty rally” where speakers denounced India and called for an independent Sikh state known as Khalistan.

Mr. Singh’s appearance at the 2015 rally could have an impact in the Indo-Canadian community where all three main political parties compete for votes in key ridings in the Greater Toronto area and Lower Mainland in British Columbia.

While the vast majority of Sikhs oppose extremism, the Trudeau Liberals are concerned about Mr. Singh’s potential appeal to voters of his own faith.

Any suggestion that Mr. Singh favours a separate Sikh state could split the vote in a community where many still harbour ill-feelings toward India for the violent crackdown in the Punjab after the 1984 assassination of former prime minister Indira Gandhi.

Videos of the event posted on Facebook and YouTube show the stage on which Mr. Singh spoke featured a large poster of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, the leader of an armed extremist group that occupied the Golden Temple. The militant religious leader was killed in a shootout with the Indian army after he had stockpiled weapons in the Golden Temple complex.

Video also shows Mr. Singh, who left provincial politics after he won the federal NDP leadership in October of 2017, walking in the pro-sovereignty march behind a truck that displayed signs saying “India out of Sikh Homeland,” and “1984 Sikh Genocide Independence.” Parade participants carried the same messages on placards as well as others including “Sikhs Demand Independence.”

In his speech, Mr. Singh accused India of “genocide” against Sikhs in the Golden Temple assault.

“Why do we talk about genocide, what happened to us?” Mr. Singh said, speaking in Punjabi that was translated into English for The Globe and Mail. “We are talking about it because, in our country where we live, that country intentionally tried to wipe us out, that in that country it was a planned process to attack the Golden Temple.”

One speaker, University of British Columbia PhD student Prabhsharanbir Singh, told the rally: “Let’s all today take a pledge that we will not sit idle until the Khalistan is achieved.” This speaker led the crowd in chants of “Khalistan!”

The Indian government accuses Canada of being soft on extremists who agitate for a Sikh homeland that would carve out an independent state in the Punjab.

The matter came to head during Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s visit to India. A diplomatic rift opened up after it was revealed that a B.C. Sikh-Canadian convicted of trying to kill an Indian cabinet minister in 1986 had been invited by Liberal MP Randeep Sarai to a reception in honour of Mr. Trudeau that was hosted by the Canadian High Commission in New Delhi.

Jagmeet Singh did not agree to an interview regarding his attendance at the June, 2015, rally but provided a statement to The Globe and Mail earlier this month, saying he was there as a “human rights advocate” and does not condone terrorism or acts of violence.

“It’s important to name human rights atrocities as I have done in order to expose them and ensure they do not happen again,” he said. “The 1984 Sikh Genocide in India was a horrific episode in which many thousands of Sikhs were ruthlessly murdered and thousands more were disappeared.”

He did not answer a series of questions from The Globe including whether he supports an independent Sikh homeland; why he attended a rally that extolled a violent extremist and whether he considers Mr. Bhindranwale a martyr or freedom fighter.

“Questions regarding the future of India are not for me to decide,” he said. “Self-determination means respecting the views of people in whatever county to choose their own path.”

Ujjal Dosanjh, a former NDP premier of British Columbia and federal Liberal cabinet minister, said Mr. Singh sent a “wink, wink, nudge, nudge” message by standing on a stage that included a portrait of Mr. Bhindranwale.

“He was known to have amassed huge amounts of ammunition in the Golden Temple so much so that the Indian military needed tanks to go in,” said Mr. Dosanjh, an opponent of the Sikh separatist movement. “So if you have a portrait of Mr. Bhindranwale behind you, why do you say nothing about it?”

Former Canadian Security Intelligence Service analyst Phil Gurski said Mr. Singh’s presence at a rally in support of Indian partition and where Mr. Bhindranwale is lauded should be of concern to Canadian and Indian authorities.

“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what this rally is about. It isn’t as if he stepped in a Boy Scout jamboree,” he said.

Mr. Gurski said even if Mr. Singh did not advocate separatism or extremism in his speech, Sikh militants would use his presence at the rally to “bolster their campaign” against India. “It looks terrible and secondly it is used by these groups to say he is on our side,” he said.

The Indian High Commission did not respond to requests for comment although New Delhi has long considered Mr. Singh to be a controversial figure.

India denied Mr. Singh a visa to visit the Golden Temple in Amritsar in 2013 when he was named SEWA “Sikh of the Year.” The then-MPP said India denied him a visa because they were annoyed at him “for raising a voice for justice for the victims of the 1984 anti-Sikh pogroms.

Mr. Singh told the June, 2015, rally crowd that he wore a round turban and flowing beard in the style of Sikhs who were “targeted, killed, massacred” by Indian authorities during the 1980s. He told the audience he initially adopted the garb and long beard to be “cool” but later decided it would send a powerful message to India.

“Then I thought I would do it intentionally because if in parliament, if you see a round turban, if in parliament you can see flowing beard then you can show Indian government that ’look we are there,’ ” he said to applause.

Many Sikhs consider Mr. Bhindranwale to be a martyr or freedom fighter. He is believed to be responsible for numerous killings, including the murder of Sikhs who opposed the creation of a Sikh-based theocratic state.

Although Canada has a long-standing policy of supporting a unified India, Mr. Dosanjh said politicians of all stripes have frequently tolerated Sikh events in Canada where extremism is often exhibited.

Annual Khalsa Day parades in Canadian cities such as Toronto celebrate the Sikh faith and draw politicians from all levels of government, from Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Toronto Mayor John Tory to former Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown.

Some of the parades in the past have featured a float glorifying Mr. Bhindranwale and other controversial figures while politicians have also attended events at temples that are known to have pictures displayed of Sikh extremists.

According to Indian media outlets such as The Hindu, the Indian government later protested Mr. Trudeau’s 2017 appearance at the Khalsa Day events in Toronto.

“If you support one India then why do you associate yourself with parades and temples that glorify those that want to dismember India,” Mr. Dosanjh said.

Successive Canadian prime ministers including Stephen Harper and Mr. Trudeau have made a point of visiting Punjab’s Golden Temple – an important spiritual site for Sikhs – during visits to India.

“It’s all about domestic politics,” says University of Toronto political science professor Nelson Wiseman.

Recently the NDP Leader spoke out in defence of Liberal Sikh-Canadian cabinet ministers who had been photographed with Jaspal Atwal during the Prime Minister’s recent visit to India. Mr. Atwal is the B.C. man who was convicted of the attempted assassination of an Indian politician in 1986.

“I reject the baseless attacks against Canadian cabinet ministers, and we should be wary of any international interference in our political affairs especially when its targeted at minorities such as members of the Sikh community,” Mr. Singh said in a statement on Feb. 22. “The Indian government has a troubling record of conflating human rights advocacy with extremism for their own political benefit.”

Mr. Atwal is a former member of the International Sikh Youth Federation, a banned terrorist group in Canada and India, which wants a separate homeland for India’s Sikh minority. He was also charged but never convicted in the brutal 1985 beating of Mr. Dosanjh.

Mr. Trudeau’s national security adviser, Daniel Jean, told reporters in a background briefing last month that factions within the Indian government had sought to sabotage Mr. Trudeau’s February trip to India. He suggested that Mr. Atwal had been part of the Indian operation.

he Indian government flatly denied the conspiracy allegation and the opposition parties claimed Mr. Jean was ordered to put out the story to deflect criticism over the Atwal incident.

Former Canadian Security Intelligence Service director, Richard Fadden, who had also served as Mr. Trudeau’s national security adviser, said he did not believe the Indian government or its spy services would engage in such conduct."

Greencrow says:  So, as very few Canadians knew up until very recently, Jagmeet Singh has a long history with subversive groups within the Sikh community.  Even more astoundingly, so has it has been revealed that he has met with pro-Khalistani Sikhs on many occasions going back years.

As I type, Russia is being set up by the UK with a false accusation of poisoning an ex convict, convicted of Treason (spying) in Russia.  In the above scenario...India is being falsely accused of setting up Trudeau for embarrassment by somehow arranging that an ex convict (convicted of attempted murder) be photographed with Trudeau's wife.  Can anyone connect the dots here?  Two BRICS nations and two false accusations.   But it gets worse.  Please read the following clip from CBC news and I will have more comments to follow:


Jagmeet Singh defends appearance at Sikh independence rally

Some members of the crowd can be seen holding ceremonial swords and chanting 'Khalistan'

By John Paul Tasker, CBC News Posted: Mar 14, 2018 2:18 PM ET Last Updated: Mar 14, 2018 2:52 PM ET 
......Trudeau sought to reassure Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi that Canada supports a united India — and does not endorse any form of extremism — while explaining away Atwal's invitation as an error by Liberal backbench MP Randeep Sarai.

At the time, Singh defended Liberals who were facing criticism.

"We should be wary of any international interference in our political affairs, especially when it's targeted at minorities such as members of the Sikh community," Mr. Singh said in a statement on Feb. 22.

"The Indian government has a troubling record of conflating human rights advocacy with extremism for their own political benefit."

Greencrow says:  So, to cut to the chase....Is Canada being set up and/or tasked with the assignment of playing "Useful Idiot" to the Deep State's unending project of sowing destabilization and "regime change" in all countries in the world who are not under it's thumb?  Not one but TWO federal leaders with connections to a radical "independence" movement in India.  Someone needs to follow the money of this Sikh Independence Movement here in Canada and in the United States (i.e. Nikky Haley). Perhaps the movement is being funded by none other than the horrific destroyer of the earth...the mass murdering Monsanto "My Satan".

US Corporate Criminals have had their fangs and claws into India for a very long time.  Does anyone remember Bhopal? Does anyone know about the thousands of Indian farmers who've gone broke and committed suicide over the past several decades--due to failed Monsanto GMO crops?  This travesty against humanity and of the environment has been going on for years.  Monsanto has India by the gonads and will not let go.  Read the following article from an Indian newspaper for the latest turn of events and I will have a final summary:


"India cuts Monsanto’s GM cotton seed royalty, may trigger another row
India has cut royalties that local seed companies pay to Monsanto Co for the second time in two years, potentially fuelling another row with the US company that threatened to leave the South Asian country in 2016.

India’s agriculture ministry has decided to reduce royalties paid by Indian seed companies to Monsanto for its genetically modified (GM) cotton by 20.4 per cent, said a government order released on Tuesday.

In 2016 the farm ministry cut Monsanto’s royalties by more than 70 per cent, triggering a long-running feud that drew in the Indian and US governments. “It is unfortunate that today’s order further erodes trait fees (royalties), which are now less than 0.5 per cent of the cost of cultivation, while the technology continues to provide value to farmers across India,” said a spokesman for Monsanto’s India joint venture, Mahyco Monsanto Biotech (India)(MMB).

Cotton has been a success story for Indian agriculture with a sharp jump in both output and exports, the MMB spokesman said, but noted that the sector needed a predictable business environment to attract investment.

As well as cutting Monsanto’s royalties, the government also lowered the prices of GM cotton seeds by 7.5 per cent to ₹740for a packet of 450 grams to help farmers who are struggling with pest infestations.

Threat to halt supplies

Farmers buy GM cotton seeds from Indian seedmakers who pay to use Monsanto’s proprietary technology to produce them. Producers body, the National Seed Association of India (NSAI), last week threatened to halt supplies to 8 million cotton farmers to protest the planned move to reduce seed prices. “The new, low price would definitely impact seed supply and seed availability this year. And also next year’s seed production. NSAI may even file a writ petition against the government decision,” Kalyan Goswami, director general of NSAI, told Reuters.

Seed prices have fallen since 2011 but fuel, labour and other supply chain costs have risen, Goswami said. “NSAI advocated for an increase in cotton seed prices to at least ₹150 a packet. But the idea was ignored,” he said. Last year the government kept both the royalties and the retail prices of GM cotton seeds unchanged.

More than 90 per cent of India’s cotton crop is genetically modified. In 2017–18 India’s cotton output is set to rise by 9.3 per cent but still short of the record high predicted by industry analysts because boll worm caused damage in some regions."



Greencrow:  Is Canada being used as a "Useful Idiot" by the Deep State to destabilize the BRICS member, India?  Otherwise, why would TWO Canadian federal leaders have the same stinking political baggage?  The two politicians involved, Trudeau and Singh, certainly fit the personality stereotype of the "Useful Idiot".

As I've mentioned in a previous post, I dated a Sikh man for four years when I was in my 20's.  During that four years I became immersed in the Sikh culture.  What I can say is that the Sikhs are like the Jews in that they have always lived separately alongside the main culture.  Feeding off it and into it but always remaining culturally apart.  They are very politically oriented by nature but laugh at Western values and Democratic traditions.  My boyfriend was in a position as a campaign manager for someone running for elected office [student council president] and joked and bragged about "stuffing the ballot box".  This left an indelible impression on me as to the Sikh culture.

I would say that Jagmeet Singh's meteoric rise to power was probably due to a lot of shenanigans within the NDP in Ontario--re voter registration and ballot box finagling.  Just a feeling I have.  But you always have to look at the bigger picture.  The PTB in eastern Canada and internationally [five eyes] would never have allowed the takeover by this political faction if it didn't suit their "Big Picture" purposes.  The big picture is the global agenda of destabilization of all countries in the BRICS and in the orbit of Russia.  They have already succeeded in the "B" nation - Brazil.  They're frantically working on Russia and China and of course the "S" - South Africa was always just a token to include the African has never really been a BRICS country.  So we have India.  Modi and Putin are great personal friends.  India is moving closer and closer to the Russian orbit...and away from the Western corporatist the evil Monsanto.  Russia has led the way by outlawing GMO products within Russian borders.  GMO products and technology have been a nightmare for India.

Just last week, I read a report from India that said India has basically told Monsanto that it can "leave anytime" ...and don't let the door hit its @$$ on the way out.  Do you think Monsanto will give up the lucrative Indian market for its crappy GMO seeds? Think aboud it.  So, I ask the obvious question:

Is the global corporate octopus, Monsanto, also funding the regime change effort in India?  Where is the Sikh Independence movement getting its hold big gatherings like the one our NDP leader, Jagmeet Singh attended in San Francisco back in 2015?  Connect the Dots, Folks.  But don't hold your breath waiting for the Canadian body politic to shake off these "Useful Idiot" fleas.  In today's doesn't work that way.